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Hike #6 – Bison Crossing

Location: From the Pinetop Post Office on SR 260 (map):

  • Drive 9.2 miles west on 260 and turn left at the traffic light on to Woolford Street.
  • Drive 1.2 miles on Woolford and turn left at the four-way stop on to Whipple Street.
  • Drive 0.8 miles on Whipple to 260.
  • Turn left and immediately get into the right hand lane and turn right on Clark Road (260) at the traffic light.
  • Drive one mile and turn right into the Bison Crossing subdivision.
  • Drive to the club house south of the roundabout and park in the lot opposite the clubhouse on the right.

Trail: Paved streets and paved sidewalks in a subdivision with no houses yet constructed.

Trailhead and Directions: This hike is included as it provides a short exercise walk when it is raining or snowing and you do not wish to slog through snow or mud on the dirt trails. You can walk any of the paved roads and sidewalks. One preferred route is to walk down the paved road or sidewalk on the left side of the clubhouse, over the bridge, then turn left at the bottom. Walk north and turn right up the hill. Turn left on the only left turn and then right at the corner, right at the next two corners, and come back down the hill and back up to your car. There are dirt roads to the north and south you can walk a short ways. The northern walk takes you to a golf course; the southern direction to a deadend near the highway.

Access: Walking. Handicap accessible but some of the hills are long and steep. You can drive the whole area to make sure it is what you wish to do.

Distance: Up to you but the loop described above is about 1.4 miles.

Difficulty: Easy except there is one long uphill climb.

Features: The area is a juniper-pine forest, with lots of flowers and plants growing from cracks in the sidewalk and especially between the road and sidewalk. Large stands of Hooker’s Evening Primrose, horseweed, Wright’s thimble head, sunflowers, white aster, white and yellow sweetclover, Indian paintbrush, alfalfa, thistles, mullein, and other weeds grow in profusion depending on rainfall and season. Woodpeckers, warblers, finches, and the usual forest birds are all here. We have seen Northern Goshawks, bluebirds, siskins, scrub jays, Say’s Phoebe, and other species. There is a creek that runs through the subdivision and under the bridge. You can bushwhack along the creek if you wish.

In fall 2015, the owners cleared all the “weed” growth along the roadsides. It should all reappear in spring, but this might be an omen of development? This is a favorite walk for dog owners in early morning.

Connections: None.

Bison Crossing Trail Map
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