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Hike #11 – BIA 69 Faught Ridge Road

BIA 69 Faught Ridge Road
BIA 69 Faught Ridge Road

Location: From the Pinetop Post Office on SR 260 (map):

  • Drive east on 260 for 4.7 miles to the Hon-Dah casino and SR 73.
  • Turn right on 73 and drive downhill for 2.5 miles and turn right on Bootleg Lake Road.
  • Drive this gravel road, numbered 48 on most maps, BIA 65 on others, for 3.9 miles and find a dirt road on the left numbered B69.
  • Park on the left off both roads.

Trail: Dirt old logging roads.

Trailhead and Directions: Walk the dirt road B69 to the south through the field and up the hill in the woods beyond. There are two options. Option 1: (solid blue line) After about 100 yards walking uphill, take the road on the right that goes mostly on the level with some ups and downs for less than one mile where it ends. Option 2: (dotted blue line) Continue up the hill for about 0.8 mile on Faught Ridge Road at the crest of the ridge. From here, you can walk either way for as long as you wish and return the same way.

Access: Hiking, bicycles, horses, but no motorized vehicles. No handicapped access except the first quarter mile across the field. A White Mountain Apache day or seasonal permit is required.

Distance: The hike for option 1. on the lower road, round trip is 2.46 miles. The distance on option 2. we have hiked but never measured, but guess it would be about the same as the lower option, maybe shorter to reach Faught Ridge Road.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate on the dirt road with up and down hills on Option 1. Option 2 is a more strenuous hike as it is all uphill after you leave the meadow. The roads can be very muddy after a rain and there are erosion gullies in the roads to avoid.

Features: The best feature of this hike is the flower show in early August in the meadow between Bootleg Lake Road and the beginning of the forest and uphill hike. The field is saturated with flowers, most obvious are both yellow and red varieties of Upright Prairie Cone Flowers (Mexican Hat), Horsetail Milkweed, Millfoil, Four-O’-Clocks, larkspur, geranium, Bergamot, Silverleaf, gumweed, and many other species. Open country birds are present but the woods seem very quiet. The usual common species are present, but not in number. Elk, Mule Deer, wild horses, cattle, and Wild Turkey are all possible.

Connections: No other trails, only Faught Ridge Road on the ridge above. If you were to hike to the west, you would reach the road that comes down from the ridge at the west end of the Amos Trailer Park hike #12.

BIA 69 Faught Ridge Road
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