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Hike #12 – Amos Trailer Park

Amos Trailer Park
Sumac at Amos Trailer Park

Location: From the Pinetop Post Office on SR 260 (map):

  • Drive east 4.7 miles on 260 to SR 73.
  • Turn right onto 73 at the Hon-Dah Casino.
  • Drive down the hill 2 miles and turn right on Bootleg Lake Road.
  • Drive 5.8 miles on the rough cinder Bootleg Lake Road passing the turn to the lake at 2.0 miles, until you see a dirt road on the left at 5.8 miles.
  • Drive about 100 yards on the dirt road, cross the cattle guard, and park off the road on either side. Native residents have summer places here and some are full time. So make sure you are off the road out of their way.

Trail: The trail is a dirt road with occasional mud puddles and rocks.

Trailhead and Directions: There is no trailhead, just walk the dirt road through the woods to the west behind several trailer homes, some occupied, most not, until you reach Faught Ridge Road, a distance of about 0.9 miles. You can walk south along Faught Ridge Road as far as you wish. It is level for about one half mile then begins to climb up to the ridge to the south. Return the way you came from your car. Be courteous and do not cross into the private property along the north side of the dirt road. An option is to walk to the right on Faught Ridge road only a few hundred yards to the main Bootleg Lake Road and walk back on this road and to your car. But the road can be dusty with traffic.

Access: A Day Permit from the Apache Reservation is required. Walking, biking, car, wheelchair accessible but very rough. This is a private road for the people living and camping in this small community, so please be quiet and stay on the road.

Distance: 1.8 miles round trip to Faught Ridge Road and back.

Difficulty: Easy except for a slight hill three-quarters along the way to the west.

Features: The trail has the advantage of gardens and minor development on the north side of the road that attracts some species of birds. Montezuma Quail have been found here, Painted Redstarts nest, crows, warblers, bluebirds, finches, and other common birds can be found. Corduroy Creek runs through the grassland below the road where ducks and Great Blue Heron are rarely found. Cattle, Mule Deer, and domestic birds (chickens and Guinea hens) may be there as well. Flowers are abundant in season, different species of beggar’s ticks, alum root (Heuchera), lupine, mustards, prairie clover, stoneseeds, wallflower, locust, paintbrush, and many others can be found, especially on the left (south) side of the road that is in shade in the morning.

Connections: None

Amos Trailer Park Trail Map
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