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Nike wanted to have a step wise geographic implementation but at the same time it did not want to build each rollout so region specific that it would require specific support for maintaining multiple instances and multiple data stores requiring multiple support teams. Related Interests. Implement its ERP.

For example, the design for the US rollout was tailored to accommodate some features of the EMEA rollout like multiple currency support and diverse legal restrictions even though these were not required as such for the US business. Under the Futures Program22, Nike used to commit orders from retailers in advance for its sneaker shoes and therefore it did not make much sense to use demand planning in this case.

Nike Final's ERP Implementation

NIKE decided that it needed systems as centralized as term paper outline pdf planning processes. NIKE sells athletic footwear and athletic apparel. Regardless of who's to blame. It wanted to have a detailed real time view of all the constraints like access to raw materials or components, production capacity, logistics, and financials.

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Although Nike sometimes uses third-party integrators for large-scale application deployments. Nike also fitness center business plan sample to make sure that it built more shoes that fulfilled customers demand. Problems in smooth integration.

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We were working nine months in advance, and the situation looked very different in July. We have four seasons a year where almost all categories turn over. The project was supposed to reduce the amount of rubber; canvas and other materials that Nike needed to produce for its wide range of footwear products with a variety of sizes and styles.

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It also markets shoes designed for aquatic activities. Supply Chain.

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On April But i2 last week was quick to place the onus on Nike. Testing was done at every stage of the deployment.

Nike’s ERP Implementation Saga

Vice President of Supply Chain and Steele. Nike expected this information would enable it to identify the impact of changes in the market and help it deal with suppliers and customers in a better way Refer Table II for the Implementation Strategy. Nike didn't anticipate the recent weakening of the U. Key to that was involving regional resources and expertise from early design through planning, to ensure ongoing support and regional buy-in.

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A comprehensive week-in-the-life testing was also 25 Super users are process and systems experts from the business who act as frontline training force. All the data integration tests and data conversions were actually done. However, some others felt that data adjustments were common due to constraints on data availability. The company had 1,20, different varieties of products SKUs and a wide variety of information sources.

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D o N After the debacle, Nike realized that implementing supply-chain management software cannot be taken lightly. Launched NSC Project. Programmers downloaded data from the demand software and manually reloaded into the supply chain planner to enable the sharing of data. The system could not handle thousands of variables to generate forecasts.

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ERP software. These super users provided more credibility as they were insiders through their understanding of the business, and they also ensured that Nike was able to retain all of their newly acquired systems knowledge about the implementation rather than letting it go out with the external vendor or consultant when the project ended.

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SAP solutions help us understand our customers better — and rapidly respond to new trends and market signals. Myth vs. Earnings estimates for the quarter. It was betting its future on a single vendor. To match supply with demand.

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Virtually all footwear and apparel products are produced outside the United States. Nike introduced Future Program. The market place was also dissertation mondialisation en fonctionnement very fast and this put pressure on Nike to rush up the implementation. Nike was aware of the risk and complexity of the decision.

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  2. They commented that the efforts to reduce the time taken on such projects would generally boomerang.

They commented that the efforts to reduce the time taken on such projects would generally boomerang. It puts apparel and footwear companies in complete control of their supply chain, from procuring raw materials to delivering finished styles. To gain control over its nine-month manufacturing cycle. It markets footwear.