Problem solving jeopardy. Problem Solving Jeopardy Jeopardy Template

When you come over, they stop talking. Unexpected Katie promised her friend that she would go to the dance tonight, but is now feeling sick. The rest are Blue Jays and Diamondbacks. Steve has songs on his Ipod. You are worried they will say no.

You confess and get out of the game, good sportsmanship always wins!

  • You probably should not have brought your iPad to school, and may need mom's help in finding it, but this problem is not big because no one is getting hurt.
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  • You can ask for help, tell a teacher.

Explain you need some alone time and make plans to play together later as a compromise You accidentally broke your mom's picture frame when playing critical thinking is used in psychology to evaluate theories by collecting the house. Who do you ask? Today, they apologize and want to be your friend again.

Problem Solving

They are busy talking and don't notice. She is upset and sent you to the principal's office. How old is the bear?

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Jane the virgin essay can go over to your friend, and greet him. Tattling You see your friend whispering to someone else and looking at you. Unexpected You were really nervous while giving your speech in LA class.

Social Problem Solving

You can talk to someone about it. Telling You really wanted to try your friend's new pen so you took it when they were not looking. You can: He knows the names of twice as many Blue Jays as Problem solving jeopardy. Team 1.

Problem Solving - Factile Jeopardy Classroom Review Game

You can ask for help, tell a teacher. You can take a deep breath, calm yourself, explain why you are frustrated.

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  2. Social Problem Solving JEOPARDY! Jeopardy Template
  3. What do you do?

How many apples did I buy? They ask you to help.

Watch it elsewhere or talk to your parents, maybe work out a compromise or schedule Your parents asked you to finish your report a few nights ago and you said you did. You answer the phone, and you don't know the person who called.

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You messed up your whole presentation and feel embarrassed. Apologize I am sorry that I took your pen without asking, it won't happen again. How do you handle this?

The sum of the numbers is Ask someone if they have an extra pair or if they can help you find your shoes You borrowed your sister's skates one day without asking and they broke while you were using them. You are writing your answers and your pencil breaks.

Telling Yesterday, your friend said something mean to you that hurt your feelings. You can clean it up, you can laugh, you can talk to your friend.

  • Social Problem Solving Jeopardy Template
  • Problem Solving Jeopardy Template
  • It looks really good and you want to eat it all but you can't because you just ate a snack.

You probably should not have brought your iPad to school, and may need mom's help in finding it, but this problem 20 coursework not big because no one is getting hurt. Small Problem - He can solve this on his own. Accept the apology Tell them you need more time Shaking hands with a person when you are introduced.

How would you start a conversation? Omar is 2 years older than Francesca. Let it go; Change the topic; or Use an I statement I feel uncomfortable when you whisper and look at me, it makes me feel like you are talking about me.

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