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In Technical Bulletin No. The land is no longer arable and can no longer support vegetation, wildlife, or human life. Google Scholar Ludwig, J. In the ten years beforeAustralia cleared an average of ha of woodland and scrub, equivalent to two football pitches a minute.

This has a direct impact on the water cycle, which desertification case study australia it to be scarce or threatened.

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Land degradation can take many forms, but always entails a serious disruption of a healthy balance between five key ecosystem functions. Google Scholar Green, D. Tongway a. Deforestation and accelerated soil loss in Ethiopia Ethiopia has the potential to be one of the most successful agricultural nations in Africa, being richly endowed with deep, fertile volcanic soils, a range of microclimates and a great diversity of natural ecosystems.

Major re-afforestation of the active dunes in this sector has now begun. It is particularly pronounced in Africa, where Mauritania provides an extensively studied example, where it has been found that: Desertification in Botswana Desertification is a type of land degradation where dry land regions become really arid land becomes like a desert.

Desertification in Australia: An eye to grass roots and landscapes | SpringerLink

A drought is the length in time since the previous occurrence of precipitation in an area. Pacific Conservation Biology 1: Overgrazing and desertification in northern China The Alashan region of Inner Mongolia in northern China is one of the driest regions in China and covers an area of aboutkm2. Experts agree, however, that overgrazing, deforestation, denuding of ground cover around wells, poor farming methods, and overpopulation have aggravated the drought.

Google Scholar Williams, O. McKeon, N.

Desertification is increasing – Parliament of Australia Three-quarters of Australia's land is arid or semi arid.

The cost to the Australian economy is nearly Date received: Droughts are another form of water evaporation. The interior has low amounts of rainfall.

Desertification in Australia: An eye to grass roots and landscapes

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Google Scholar Partridge, I. Former agricultural settlements immediately west of the Helan Shan ranges have been abandoned and the fine-grained alluvial soils are extensively gullied.

Physical Characteristics of Botswana Climate: Western Australia Department of Agriculture, Perth. Will it rain? Both use a grassroots approach by promoting action through local pastoralist and farmer groups and by encouraging the use of effective techniques for rehabilitating landscapes.

Dune stabilisation using the straw mulch chequer-board technique combined with forest shelter-belt planting is both feasible and desirable in areas of potentially high agricultural and economic productivity or major strategic and environmental importance such as close to the Yellow River and along the main railway line.

A global threat

Friday, 12 June Case Study: Desertification has been a long-standing problem in many areas of the world. The vegetation that protects the land is removed or damaged for both of these causes and therefore they are large human impacts. Dumsday Eds. A strategic application of ponding banks and contour traps with an eye to the landscape has proven successful in stopping and reversing desertification processes.

The most common form of desertification is loss of perennial grasses from grasslands, savannas, and open woodlands, often with a replacement by inedible shrubs. Its impacts can be far-reaching, including loss of soil fertility, destruction of species habitat and biodiversity, soil erosion, and excessive nutrient runoff into lakes.

Suijdendorp and D.

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Photo is taken from CC: The population, agriculture, development of market oriented economy, high cattle, groundwater and bore drilling are specific causes in Botswana. According to he Bureau of Meteorology in Australia, more than 80 percent of the light year problem solving has an annual rainfall of less than millimeters.

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  • Tillage is the process of preparing soil for cultivating through methods of digging, stirring and overturning.

Danaher, G. International Journal of Wildland Fire 1: The Murray-Darling Basin has a large geographical area that incorporates the Murray river, the Darling river, and the Murrumbidgee river.

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The key issue is to minimise grazing pressure and not to exceed the carrying capacity of the vegetated dunefields. Other causes of desertification include farming of average land, destruction of plants in dry regions, and an incorrect irrigation in arid regions.

Globalised causes

McDonald Eds. The process is known as saltation. Such areas are highly vulnerable to food and water insecurity, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. However, there is general agreement that climate change will change rainfall distribution and amount, and where reduced precipitation coincides with present-day arid areas, the propensity for and speed of desertification in those areas will increase.

This in turn leads to more demand for land and further encroachment into areas with marginal soils.

The Desertification In Australia's Murray-Darling Basin

Desertification is a concerning environmental issue that can be prevented and reversed if the proper techniques are followed. Market deregulation, which has been a global trend since the s, can lead to the destruction of sustainable land management practices in favour of monoculturesand can encourage a race to the bottom as far as environmental protection is concerned.

Flood and A. Google Scholar Hacker, R. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Climate change—impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation in developing countries The effect of temperature variations is the deterioration of topsoil in dry lands.

The combination of greatly increased stock numbers, the influx of immigrants from the south, and the occurrence of sporadic but severe droughts over large tracts of Alashan have resulted in widespread and locally severe desertification.

The climate has altered drastically since the onset of the prolonged drought in the s, part of a recurrent pattern of wet and dry cycles common to Sahelian Africa. Globalised causes The two most significant direct causes of land degradation are the conversion of native vegetation into crop and grazing lands, and unsustainable land-management practices.

Rainfall declines from about mm in the east to less than 50 mm in the west. Biswas and A.

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A resource under siege, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, pp. Restoring vegetation patches.

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Process of desertification increase as land degradation occurs, causing soil to erode or even disappear. Since that time the human population has doubled and livestock numbers have tripled.

  1. The most obvious action is to eat less meat and, more generally, to inform ourselves about the sources and impacts of the food we buy — including its packaging, fuel and transport.
  2. More droughts will occur as rainfall decreases.
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A Growing Concern Australia is a dry inhabited country. Bythe report states, humans will have transformed almost every part of the planet, apart from uninhabitable stretches such as deserts, mountains, tundra and polar regions. Other factors include the effects of climate change and loss of land to urbanisation, infrastructure and mining.

Desertification is increasing

Google Scholar Greenslade, P. Human conditions are a strong factor in the increase of desertification in Australia. However, in richer nations the rate of degradation has slowed, and people in these regions are generally less vulnerable to its effects. The photo above is central Australia's desert.

In addition, more dust and other particulates are released into the atmosphere secretary cover letter template drylands eroded by winds. One insidious consequence of this tree clearing only became apparent many years later.

Groves and I.