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This can be a crucial determinant in whether or not your business is a marginal one and, therefore, whether it is applicable or not applicable for an E2 visa. However, there are a number of other concerns for those looking to set up business in the United States.

This all has to be covered in your immigration business plan. The E-2 visa can be granted to certain foreign nationals who want to invest in and start a business in the US that would hire US workers.

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At Scott Legal, P. The market analysis section should also contain a detailed analysis on your target market and prospective customers or clients. What is a Business Plan?

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When you apply to renew, you will be required to present documentation and figures that show business performance for the duration of the visa, with the expectation that you will have achieved these projections.

Developing a good business plan takes a particular expertise and you should hire a qualified professional to develop your plan. The fact that you are investing in a start-up business or purchasing an existing business or franchise is not enough evidence to demonstrate that you may qualify for an E-2 Visa; a comprehensive immigration business plan is required and seeking the help of a professional is essential.

Active writing a business plan what to include means that you must be engaged with the day-to-day running of the business too and that you are not just, for example, a stockholder. While developing a business plan may seem like an intimidating idea for most people, it is a crucial step to assembling a strong E-2 application.

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NNU Immigration can advise on all aspects of the E-2 visa Remember, planning for growth will be central to your document. Scott, Esq. Parents dream of giving their children a better life here.

The Executive Summary provides the examiner with a snapshot of your company, and if done properly, will emphasize why you and your company qualifies for the E-2 visa. The important thing is that each marketing plan should be tailored to your specific business.

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Immigration Business Plan, click here. At Immigration Business Plan, we can help. Past results are no guarantee of future results and prior results do not imply or predict future results. Do not consider anything in this website or blog legal advice and nothing in case study jaguar website constitutes an attorney-client relationship being formed.

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The E-2 visa allows an individual to set up, develop and direct a business in the US. Even if your business is low profit, demonstrating that you intend to employ — or contract — a lot of people can be a crucial factor in whether you receive your E2 visa.

E2, E 2, E-2Visa Business Plan Sample-Immigration Business Plan Contractors can also count towards this — meaning that you will still be contributing to the local community as in the case of a construction company, for instance.

The marketing plan can include standard methods of marketing such as print advertisements commercials, as well as online marketing and the use of a website. I play an integral part in them achieving their lifelong ambitions by writing their immigration business plan. If your application is successful, look ahead to the renewal stage up to 5 years.

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Financial strategy The plan should provide financial projections and elaborate on how the business will achieve sufficient success and profitability to support you the investoryour dependents and employees, and create new jobs within the duration of the E-2 visa maximum 5 years.

Also, a business plan is the best method for cultivating your business idea and developing a deep understanding of what your business is and how it will grow. Scott Legal, P.

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  2. When you apply to renew, you will be required to present documentation and figures that show business performance for the duration of the visa, with the expectation that you will have achieved these projections.

For example, an e-business will require less investment than a manufacturer due to, for example, there being fewer equipment costs associated with the former. For a complete list of E2 Visa Treaty Countries take a look at our page dedicated on this.

It is an essential part of the plan and it will be the first and in some cases the only thing the examiner reviews. The reality is that you should seek a professional writer with immigration experience to ensure your own plan ticks all of the boxes required to succeed.

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All of these things must be demonstrated in your E2 visa business plan. Personnel strategy The management structure should allow you as the E-2 visa holder to develop and direct the company, with other individuals performing the skilled or unskilled labor demands of the business.

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Perhaps you already have contracts in place, or signed letters of intent? A business plan is also required for an L-1 Visa.

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Videos Search for: At Immigration Business Plan, our expertise will help you take that opportunity with both hands. Also, a crucial factor that must be present in your immigration business plan is that you must show that you intend to contribute to the local economy — and this is done through the employment of local workers.

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We Know the Process Inside and Out Not only have we helped thousands of people navigate the process of relocating to the U. The E-2 visa holder is authorized on the basis of directing and developing the business — what does this mean in practical terms given your corporate structure and personnel strategy?

If your consulting agency does not use ads to get clients, then it is important to describe how your company secures customers through networking or referrals, for example.

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The plan should include a description of each position the company intends to employ, how many employees the company intends to hire, and when they intend to hire them.