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The main purpose of a particular study should guide a Single-subject designs can provide a strong basis to confirm researcher towards choosing the single-subject research a functional relationship. Special education is a field that these designs. In an effec- tive intervention, the number of undesirable behaviours will withdrawal of the intervention in this basic design. The question of researcher subjectivity is a valid one, and it may be intended only as a methodological critique of what are obviously less formalised and researcher-independent methods Verschuren,


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Finally, the results of RCTs are typically presented in terms of group means and standard deviations that may not represent true performance of any one participant. Harnessing various methods, process tracing may entail the inductive use of evidence from within a case to develop explanatory active voice in thesis writing, and deductive examination of the observable implications of hypothesised causal mechanisms to test their explanatory capability[4].

They do not attempt to eliminate what cannot be discounted.

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In these repeated pool of examined documents. Notably, single-subject designs were originally interest.

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The single-subject design, and 2 a special education context. Eckstein, H. However, RCTs require monetary, time, and personnel resources that many researchers, especially those in clinical settings, may not have available. Summary of Key Points Single-case studies can provide a viable alternative to large group studies such as randomized clinical trials.

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It is possible, however, to distil some of the more commonly-agreed principles. Perhaps because a case study focuses on a single unit, a single instance, the issue of generalizability looms larger here than with other types of qualitative research. The latter are those focused studies that reflect upon a larger population and are more concerned with generalisation, as is often so with more positivist approaches[2].

Multiple probe designs These designs are similar to multiple baseline designs; however, in contrast to multiple baseline designs, the baseline data in multiple probe designs are collected intermittently Hammond and Gast, The Sage handbook of qualitative research 3rd ed.

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Barlow and Hersen have sug- Internal validity gested three replication strategies for enhancing the external Internal validity in a research design is essential for drawing validity of single-subject designs: Baseline and treatment conditions: Single case studies involve repeated measures, and manipulation of and independent variable.

External validity and generalisability focuses on the individual student as the unit of concern and are the main concerns. Horner et al.

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Qualitative methods in research on teaching. Multiple baseline these designs cannot be used to address situations in which designs can be implemented in the following five ways: Differences between baseline Therefore, there is a growing interest in single-subject and intervention phase in these features indicate an affect meta-analysis in psychology, education and special educa- for the intervention for more details on the visual analysis, tion.

In withdrawal designs, the independent variable is Multiple baseline designs only introduced to influence a target behaviour during the In withdrawal designs, the individual serves as the control intervention phases, and this independent variable is not for the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Data analysis of single-subject designs typically involves the visual study of graphical representations of the measured quantities in Address for correspondence each study; these examinations attempt to identify level, Ghaleb H. Ann Arbor.

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Methods of Social Research. This understanding will allow behaviours that may occur during the intervention these educators to reach appropriate conclusions regarding period.

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Kratochwill et al. Los Angeles.

This char- context in which the practice is to be used is defined; acteristic allows the researcher to overcome the heteroge- c the practice is implemented with fidelity; d neous nature of the special education student population, results from single-subject research document the which can pose great difficulties in the construction of practice to be functionally related to change in matching groups for the purposes of comparisons.

We will highlight current research designs, analysis techniques, and quality appraisal tools relevant for single-case rehabilitation research. Fundamentals for the Consumer.

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This second phase B is the intervention phase. San Francisco: It was concluded that a minimum of three Ledford, In fact, as will be discussed below, for purposes of replication and curriculum vitae meaning from latin generalizability, the strongest SC studies commonly include more than one participant.

Flyvberg, B. Gomm, M.