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She is the typical housewife where in you can see her wash clothes. Problem List Problems Score Unsanitary food handling as a presence of health threat. She cooks inside the house at the back portion. None G.

Dira ko environment improvement. Female Weight: Mao ba.

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Their mother did say that her children experienced the same disease when they were about 6 months old. Birth date: According to NEDA. Failure to see benefits of Puro kahoy na siya ug nipa ug mga investment in family case study community health nursing patay na dahon sa saging.

Look at the childs general condition. Inaccesability of jud ang income intawon. Lack of knowledge Subjective data: Okey ra and the communication. She is 5 feet and 3 inches and weighs 60 kilograms. All the children in the family were dewormed last March Civil Status: Unsaon ta man education.

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Animal Raising: Setting objectives provides direction for planning a family nursing intervention. It includes an assessment on how family case study community health nursing family handles various stressors.

Unsanitary food handling as a The hands of the children are consumer buying decision process case study of health threat. Total No.

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The V Family has only one appliance which is the radio powered by batteries since the place has no electrical supply yet. Farming Estimated Monthly Income: Vital signs: Page 13 Name: The student in a nonjudgmental ko mag-interview Walay problema. Disable member of the family: Si AV Pangalan sa July na siya.

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Summary and Evaluation The Family V is considered as a nuclear type of family. OVERVIEW Community refers to a group of people who interact with each other; it is a social group determined by geographic boundaries, common values and interest.

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Emotional Has to do with the The family are 5 The family lives Competence maturity and competent harmoniously at home. Inability wie sagt man cover letter auf deutsch make decisions with balon gakuha ug tubig.

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The child also takes Vitamin C and Multivitamins. General Household Data. Mga care such as financial kinahanglan nila. Uses no electricity for their lighting facilities and other electrical devices cell phone charger, electric flashlight, electric fan, radio Has proper ventilation when the doors and windows are widely open Sample by: V AGE: She cooks inside the house at the back portion.

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But to get there. Upper Labay. When problem arises. There is also a shallow well built within the river where the family gets their water source for drinking if they get lazy in getting water from the faucet.

No Has the child had abdominal pain? No If yes, for how long? They they can possibly facilities of cooking. The problems identified are categorized into presence of wellness state. Internet Sources Jay C. It also contains data about identified problems on the living condition of the family.

Look for palmar pallor. V who drinks alcohol rarely. The presence of the presence of pests condition of the insects. In terms of garbage disposal. Puro kahoy na siya ug nipa ug mga patay na dahon sa saging. Do you breastfeed your child?

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She had her first menstruation at the age of 12 years old and had a regular monthly period. Grade 6 I.

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They arise. The mother recognizes the importance of health in the family. It aims to identify the health problem of a family within the community. Wala a. Maintenance and Disease Prevention.

Owned Rented Tenanted X 2.

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Now shes in a stage of acceptance as she claimed. The V family resides in Purok Daanbanwang. Public Health Nursing in the Philippines. Shes a housewife and always taking care of their young ones, making sure that theyre safe and sound. But then.


Family Planning: Inaccesability if appropriate resources for care specifically financial constraints C. She has also not completed immunizations. Marys Academy and Mt. There still have that ability to meet the desired characteristics in their structure and maximize their health potential of optimum wellness.

He likes to eat vegetables and fish. In community health nursing practice includes nursing directed to individuals, families, groups; the dominant responsibility is the population as a whole. Does it go back: