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For more information on the copying restrictions which apply to theses, contact Bodleian Libraries Special Collections. Information about current historical research and recently completed theses can be found at the Institute of Historical Research.

Bodleian Libraries | Theses Copyright Please note that all those who consult an Oxford thesis are required to sign a declaration recognising that the copyright of the thesis rests with the author and that no quotation from it or information derived from it may be published without the prior consent of the author. The Australasian Digital Theses Program provides full-text access to a wide range of Australian plus some New Zealand higher degree theses.

Some newer theses have a declaration from the author permitting some copying. This may vary, depending on how different the monograph is from the original term paper meaning in farsi. Routledge No specific policy is available.

Thesa provides information about doctoral theses on aspects of engineering and management currently being researched at accredited higher education establishments in France.

Using Dissertations and Theses The default Basic search page allows for general keyword searches across all indexes using and, and not, and or to link the keywords as appropriate. These are the only locations available to readers placing an order through SOLO.

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Evidence-Based Social Intervention M. Karolinska Institutet has information on its doctoral theses from onwards. Locating Oxford Theses All D. These are given in an alphabetical list. This enables you to enter keywords, combined with the boolean operators and, and not, or to search for theses. For example, a supervisor who suspects that plagiarism has happened can run a quick search using a search engine such as Google.

These indexes allow you to add the word or phrase recognised by the database to your search i. Index to Theses - details and abstracts of British and Irish theses dating back to Dissertations and Theses - index and abstracts of North American theses EThOS Electronic Theses Online Service - full text digital theses provided by the British Library Substantial further information about non-Oxford personal narrative essay about friendship can be found on the Bodleian Libraries' theses information page.

However, if the author has a common name, has written many works, the full details of the thesis are not known, or you are looking for theses on a particular subject, a other keyword searches may be useful.

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ORA provides high visibility and digital preservation for Oxford digital theses and the full content of as many theses as possible are made freely available to be accessed via the Internet. When items are made available on open access i. When searching in SOLOuse the keyword "thesis", the qualification e. ORA contains a growing collection of digital copies of successful Oxford theses submitted as part of research degree awards.

Below are some links to major publishers and information. Therefore, an embargo on the original thesis is not generally an essential requirement. The Advanced search tab at the top of the page enables keyword searching in specific indexes, including author, title, institution, department, adviser, and language.

It is advisable to contact the publisher directly, to determine what embargo period would be acceptable in an individual case.

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For individual copies, permission may in the form of a signed letter, or an email if sent from a verifiable i. Permission may in the form of a signed letter, or an email if sent from a verifiable i. If you are unsure of the exact details of thesis, you can use the search boxes on this page to find it by combining the key information you do have.

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Phils in Social Anthropology. Copyright in the thesis usually rests with the author: Oxford Theses Which theses are held The Bodleian Library holds all non-scientific, postgraduate doctoral theses, and most non-scientific, postgraduate subdoctoral theses for which a deposit requirement is stipulated by the University: Theses from other universities, which are classified according to Library of Congress Classification and shelved in the main library sequence, may be borrowed.

Using SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) to find theses

Theses are now stored outside Oxford at our Swindon storage faculty BSF so please allow at least one weekday for delivery. In Browse search, locations and subject divisions are automatically added to a basic search at the bottom of the page, so you can search within a subject or location by title, author, institution, subject, date, etc, by clicking on Refine Search at the top of the page, nick bostrom essay More Search Options at the bottom of the oxford library thesis.

Economics for Development to find theses and dissertations. Simple search allows you to search by keyword for title, author, or within an abstract. The prior written consent of the author must be obtained prior to including quotations from theses in published work.

Within the list of results, once you have found the record that you are interested in, you can click on the link to obtain a full citation and abstract You can read a 24 page PDF file preview of all theses published since Theses in the Bodleian Libraries.

For more information on the copying restrictions which apply to theses, contact Bodleian Libraries Special Collections. The Oxford eTheses pages give more information about this resource. Readers must sign their name on the form in the front of most Oxford University theses they consult, or leave their name and address at the issue desk.

The latter will find more theses specifically about comprehensive education. All theses for courses currently taught in Oxford are catalogued in SOLO, and work is in progress to catalogue older theses particularly the archive received from the Department of Social Policy and Social Work.

Contact us. Oxford alumni are also invited to deposit a digital copy of their thesis in ORA. Digital copies of theses and copies made for library or institutional use always require the author's written permission.

What do I need to do to submit the Bodleian copy of my thesis?

Copyright Please note that all those who consult an Oxford thesis are required to sign a declaration recognising that the copyright of the thesis rests with the author and that no quotation from it or information derived from it may be published without the prior consent of the author. Faculties have agreed a maximum length of embargo that can be applied without any additional permissionalthough it is important to note that if your thesis is publicly funded then the absolute maximum embargo is 12 months, other thesis borderline in exceptional circumstances.

There are a number of advantages to making your thesis open access: Author, Title, Subject using the dropdown menues offered. The Balfour Library holds M. For further information on theses and dissertations, please visit the Bodleian Libraries' theses information page. Requests for embargoes that exceed the Faculty thresholds will require Faculty consideration.

Check inside the front cover of the thesis you are consulting. There is a general expectation that theses should have an embargo lasting 2 years after publication of the monograph. The Social Science Library holds a significant collection oxford library thesis taught-course, M. Contact information for authors can often be found on the internet. Lund University Dissertations provides information on doctoral theses presented at the university since containing citations with abstracts and a growing number of full-text theses.

Using Index to Theses Quick Search takes you to the basic search screen. This site can also be found at www. Some Oxford theses cannot be consulted without the author's permission.

Click on the More Search Options tab for specific title, author, subject, and institution school searches, and to browse indexes of authors, institutions and subjects.

Publishers’ policies on theses and prior publication

The Radcliffe Science Library holds all postgraduate theses in the sciences for which a deposit requirement is stipulated by the University. Edinburgh University Press A thesis must be substantially revised before publication as a monograph. This will be by way of user Terms of Use which appears on the record of each thesis.

Comparative Social Policy M. The Australasian Digital Theses Program provides full-text access to a wide range of Australian plus some New Zealand higher degree theses. Comprehensive and education and wales searches for theses with all these words in the thesis details; the phrase search "Comprehensive education" and wales searches for theses with both the phrase "Comprehensive education" and wales in the thesis details.

This includes scientific theses, some of which are full-text. How do I find out about current research?

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Science theses are outside the scope of this department. OA theses are directly discoverable by search engines, increasing the chance of citation and subsequent collaboration based upon the work.

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When submitting a proposal, it must be made clear if the thesis is in a repository and when it will be publicly available. Ensure punctuation is entered correctly, i. Please ask Weston Library staff for assistance, or contact the Theses Desk. Provides full-text, PDF copies of most recent D.

Note that all copies must be ordered through a staff-mediated service; self-service copying of theses is not permitted. Copying of Oxford theses, even of a single page, may require the author's written permission.

Information correct as of Jan ; you are strongly advised to contact publishers yourself to ensure your embargo is acceptable to them if you are planning on turning your thesis into a monograph.

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You also have the option to purchase a copy of the thesis. Cyber-theses was established to enable the diffusion of French electronic theses. Wiley including Blackwell Accepts proposals based on theses made available in university archives. The catalogue is not available in English. Clicking on a country location reveals lists of institutions in that country. Problems and solution essay ielts Browse search tab allows searching by subject or by location i.

Cambridge University Press A monograph based on a thesis would only be considered for publication after extensive revision. Where there are commercial or political sensitivities it may be necessary to embargo work.

Phils in Classical Archaeology and European Archaeology.

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If the thesis is to be placed in the Oxford University Research Archive ORA then a permissions form signed by the author is required because it contains the necessary legal statements. There are no conservation restrictions on the amount that you may copy so, with the rights-holder's consent, theses may be copied in their entirety. Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes makes available a selection of Spanish theses, with the addition of some theses from American universities written oxford library thesis Spanish.

In both the Basic and Advanced search pages you can also limit the search by date, by using the boxes at the bottom. WReO will give your theses a stable URL allowing you to monitor the impact of your research by tracking citations and downloads, and will better protect your work against plagiarism.

The benefits of making your thesis open access immediately Open Access has many advantages for researchers.

Oxford Theses

You can use the back button on your browser to return to your list of citations. At each level, lists of individual theses for that subject division or from that location are revealed by clicking on View Documents. For reasons of copyright, only one purchase copy of a thesis may be acquired unless consent is first obtained to acquire multiple copies.

Use Detailed Search to search by author, title, subject, supervisor, in other record fields, and in the abstract. The Sackler Library holds M. Card index: