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Confirm employee-owned vehicles are fit for purpose, regularly inspected and properly maintained. They must:

Safe systems creates risk-aware drivers through education and publicity; for example, making new drivers aware of the risks they face, and encouraging all road users to travel unimpaired, alert, at safe speeds and without distraction, complying with road rules at all times.

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Integrated school travel planning initiatives: Twenty workers a year on average are killed and another 1, are injured and miss time from work due to motor vehicle crashes while driving for work. Delivery Management, Policy and Representation The core business activity will be managed directly by the director reporting to the board.

Build Your Road Safety Program To facilitate this, RoadSafe has developed limited media partnerships. Additionally RoadSafe arranges two expert meetings or debates a year on topical issues.

For example, a local council or transport authority may focus on creating or expanding a cycle route network; construct and maintain footways; or work with schools to develop safer walking routes for children. They even have some sample tweets and posts to get you started.

We operate at high level, bringing together the leaders in road safety education, engineering and enforcement, encouraging them to work together in partnership with us.

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RoadSafe is represented on the ministerial Road Safety Advisory Panel and works closely with a number of central and local government organisations to promote its key objectives. The Safe System Approach RoadSafe fully supports the Safe System approach to safety management which sees the road user as the weakest link in the transport chain, unpredictable and capable of error, education and information efforts notwithstanding.

There is also an emphasis on a proactive approach to road safety, with improvements made to improve both the actual and perceived risks of road safety.

Road worthiness: Transport authorities might work closely with schools to create safe walking routes for children, or expand the number of School Crossing Patrols in the area.

Our key programmes are: Our road safety business plan activity will demonstrate this commitment.

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Projects and Publicity The time is now right to increase the number of events organised by RoadSafe. Sound primary legislation.

Your Responsibilities for Employee Road Safety : Road Safety At Work Week

The rapid introduction and use of new vehicles with the latest safety technology Road safety at work. Sponsors RoadSafe is the first port of call for sponsors for advice and guidance on road safety issues.

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Vehicles are then maintained to the highest safety standards. Employees who are engaged, have the right driving skills and attitudes and who receive necessary supervision are the people who "turn the wheel" to make your road safety plan work.

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Background RoadSafe was established in as a safety partnership of leading companies in the motor and transport industries in Britain, the government and road safety professionals. A cohesive plan has traction.

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For the public benefit, to promote road safety through the provision of awards. It is updated weekly with news releases and will be developed further to road safety business plan links with sponsor sites and other road safety information sources. Search for: Follow company safe work policies and procedures.

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It shows the three steps: