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An example of a budget for a small one-day market is as follows: Candidates may complete the planning record they developed in Task 2 to help them. We will use the college bulletin to advertise out stall. My contribution I worked with DDD to produce the music quiz. We should have kept detailed records each day showing money collected and owed and reminded people as soon as we could. Although there is no word limit for this activity, to cover the subject in sufficient depth and be suitable for display it is expected that the wall chart will be approximately A3 size.

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We should have kept detailed records each day showing money collected and owed and reminded people as soon as we could. Description of situation: Evaluating the project or activity Candidates must assess the success of how the project or activity was implemented and the outcome, not their own performance.

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Once we had the keys we had to cut up the fruit and get some blended before lunch. The knowledge provided in my political science essays by your writers helped me defend my thesis professionally in front of my teachers.

GCSE/IGCSE - Enterprise, Business Growth and Size (Business Studies)

People kept forgetting to write down everything they spent Accounts kept AAA to check correct details included Mark Band 2 — 3 to 5 marks Evidence at this level will show that the candidate has used some of the skills identified in Topic 3. Therefore there should be an opportunity to: Carrying out the Enterprise Project or Activity Mark Band 1 — 1 to 4 marks Work at this level may be incomplete, with only one of the required elements being explained.

An example of a igcse enterprise coursework for a small one-day market is as follows: Was well prepared with all of the evidence needed. The food hygiene course meant that four members of the team knew how to make sure the food was safe.

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Having decided in our meeting that there were two ideas which might work. This igcse enterprise coursework save a lot of time when the enterprise is running and would have meant that we could have started earlier.

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Introduction 2. Centres are asked to retain copies of all Record Sheets until the publication of results. Candidates must also prepare for negotiating with others at a meeting, carry out the negotiation and record the outcomes.

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Student signature: My weak areas are that I am best buy case study swot very creative or innovative. Topic 5 of the syllabus looks in detail at planning for negotiation and the process, which candidates may find helpful.

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Evaluating the success of Smart Smoothies 1 Introduction We ran an enterprise activity as a group of eight people. To reduce this risk — we will do lots of advertising and promotions to attract customers.

The lack of detailed plans for fundraising etc.

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Every piece of coursework submitted to CIE must be in a file marked clearly with the following information: At this level there will be few if any errors or gaps in the evidence collected.

There are some problems with this idea: It should be noted that with a larger class, students may struggle to identify a number of suitable activities or projects and in this situation it maybe best to encourage candidates to work in small groups.

The two most popular were researched see appendix. Enter an MLS Number:

Fruit is less likely to cause serious problems anyway. Like to be busy engaging in practical tasks and encouraging others to join in? The adverts were ready.

  • It is read out to every class in the morning so will be heard by everyone.
  • Everyday I helped to collect the extra fruit and milk needed and to clean up the area.
  • This work will have been assessed and internally moderated in accordance with the previous descriptions.

This is achieved through the process of internal moderation. The risk of failure was too great for this to be a good enterprise.

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Operations Production facilities and equipment required: