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In this world they work together to explore problems and issues such as, "How do communities deal with change? Unravelling the Mystery: For additional tips on writing about plays as a form of literature, see our handout on writing about fiction. Are they funny?

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If the actor playing Falstaff repeatedly trips over a lance and falls off the stage, the audience may not notice the spectacular set design behind him. Mainly by starting scenes like this: The Backstage Handbook: Will they shoot each other?

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This list of ideas can help you begin to develop an analysis of the performance and your own reactions to it. Did any of the words, images, or moments you listed contribute to your enjoyment or loathing of the play?

  • Keep in mind that any one of these elements may be more than enough for a dissertation, let alone a short reaction paper.
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  • Response papers Instructors in drama classes often want to know what you really think.

Students are supported through individual supervision and an extensive programme of research training. Are characters ever in the dark?

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If you need to do research in the specialized field of performance studies a branch of communication studies or want to focus especially closely on poetic or powerful language in a play, see our handout on communication studies and handout on poetry explications.

How did Shakespeare communicate the fact that it was night-time in the play? Does the set change, and if so, when and why? Do the set and lighting designs seem to work together to produce a certain interpretation? Process drama allows us to "try on" other people's shoes, to walk the paths they tread and to see how the world looks from their point of view.

Hold, take my sword. For additional tips on writing about plays as a form of literature, see our handout on writing about fiction.

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Our graduates hold posts in arts organisations and as lecturers and post-doctoral researchers in universities in the UK and abroad. Did you hear what I was playing, Lane?

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A Poison ivy case study of Many Wonders. Structure of the degree In the first year of the programme, students work toward the completion of the Year One Progression Review, which results in the submission of a prospectus extended proposal and a piece of written work or written work plus practice in the case of students who intend to submit practice as part of their final submission.

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Carter, Paul. Furthermore, in a particular performance say, Tuesday night of that production, the actor playing Malvolio might get fed up with playing the role as an Alpaca herder, shout about the indignity of the whole thing, curse Shakespeare for ever writing the play, and stomp off the stage.

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For example, if you are watching a play in a theatre, feelings of tension and anticipation often arise because you are wondering what will happen between the characters on stage. Language There are countless ways that you can talk about how language works in a play, a production, or a particular performance.

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Sometimes the work may begin as light-hearted, but the teacher always layers more dramatic tension and complexity into the work as the teacher is aiming for a pedagogical outcome. Process drama is also suggested as a tool to promote literacy development through opportunities for dramatic play in early childhood settings within which children speak for a range of purposes in role.

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