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Specifically, we used the Rasch rating scale model Andrich, to assess the measurement structure of the full item scale. Dissertation Abstracts International, 53, 03B. Google Scholar Bozdogan, H. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 78, — That is when experiences become problems. The item version of the SPSI-R represents a brief, effective way in which clinicians rock grouting thesis researchers in busy health care settings can quickly assess global problem-solving abilities and identify those persons at-risk for complicated adjustment.

As part of separate, ongoing studies, the SPSI-R long-form version was administered to both the caregiver sample and the diabetes sample. Other recruitment strategies included advertisements sent to local churches, newspapers, and other health care providers in the surrounding areas. Academic Press.

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The measure has also been shown to be related to important measures of psychological distress, well-being, and social competence i. Thus, both a two-factor model and a hierarchical model with seven first-order factors and two second-order factors were tested.

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Download preview PDF. One-hundred six participants were Caucasian Google Scholar Janis, I.

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Behavior Therapy, 26, — Rasch analysis is an effective tool in item analysis, as it can detail the extent to which an item fits an underlying unidimensional measurement model and provides opportunities for identifying and potentially deleting redundant or misfitting items. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 18, — Therefore, we conducted the present study to identify items on the SPSI-R short form that might more efficiently assess social problem-solving abilities.

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Although several of these empirically based measures assess a specific aspect of problem solving, only the SPSI-R provides for a more comprehensive assessment of all theoretical components linked to contemporary models of social problem solving i.

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 34, — Problem-solving and behavior modification.

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Psychometrika, 52, — Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 78, — The psychometric properties of the full item scale was assessed separately in all three samples described above, including correlations of the Rasch measures with CES-D and SWLS. The dimensionality of tests and items.

The item version of the SPSI-R represents a brief, effective way in which clinicians and researchers in busy health care settings can quickly assess global problem-solving abilities and identify those persons at-risk for complicated adjustment. Eighty-two family caregivers were unemployed, 39 were employed part-time, and 10 were employed fulltime.

Testing structural equation models.

Usable self-report protocols were available from respondents diagnosed with diabetes men and women. In contrast, the NPO assesses a cognitive—emotional set that prevents effective problem solving. Dissertion Abstracts International,B. Google Scholar Bozdogan, H. Google Scholar Copyright information.

User's reference guide. The AS measures dysfunctional patterns of social problem solving characterized by putting the problem off and waiting for problems to solve themselves. The relation between social problem-solving ability and subsequent level of academic competence in college students.

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To achieve this purpose, we conducted a Rasch analysis of the SPSI-R 1 that had been administered to three different clinical samples. Structural model evaluation and modification: Decision making: The respondent is further instructed to think about problems as either something about the respondent i.

Social problem solving (D’Zurilla & Chang, 2004)

A note on the size of the model. The results provided only modest support for the two-factor model, and the hierarchical model failed to show substantial improvement over this model. Free Press. The SWLS is a five-item instrument with items rated on a Carbon quantum dots thesis response format essay on cbrn from 1 strongly disagree to 7 strongly agree.

The implications of these results for social problem-solving theory and assessment are discussed. Psychological Assessment: The concurrent validity of the item version was english literature a level coursework mark scheme by correlations of Rasch person measures with scales of depression and life satisfaction. Google Scholar Browne, M. Google Scholar Faccini, L. Prospective participants identified from the clinic database by clinic administration were mailed a questionnaire containing a cover letter describing the nature of the study, a brief demographic form that did not request any personal identification, a consent form, and the measures of social problem-solving abilities and adjustment.

Multivariate Behavioral Research, 25, — The SPSI-R total scores from both the long and short versions have been used in many recent studies e.

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Qualified caregivers were then scheduled for an appointment by a trained sample letter of application letter for ojt staff member and asked to participate in the study. Total scores on the item SPSI-R version can range from 0 to 40, with higher scores reflecting greater effective social problem-solving abilities.

The relationship between stress, problem solving, and suicide. The instrument is also frequently used as an outcome measure in clinical trials as well as other research endeavors. The institutional review board approved the study procedures for each study.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 24, — Comparative fit indexes in structural models. Related This entry was posted on Monday, October 25th, at These 10 items were then fit to the Rasch rock grouting thesis to assess item functioning and dimensionality of the reduced scale.

Prospective participants were informed about the study by their ophthalmologist or optometrist following their initial eye examination. New York: Cognitive Therapy and Research, 16, — The 10 items were separately validated on the sample of persons living with diabetes mellitus and the sample of family caregivers of persons with severe disabilities.

Social problem solving (D’Zurilla & Chang, ) | Problem Solving & Goal Setting

Some prospective participants were identified by clinic staff upon learning which family member would be assuming responsibility for providing daily assistance and care to a patient following discharge from an inpatient rehabilitation program.

University Microfilms No. The relation between social problem-solving ability and subsequent level of psychological stress in college students. English literature a level coursework mark scheme challenges have important implications for the measurement of social problem-solving abilities currently assessed by the SPSI-R short form in clinical and research endeavors in medical settings.

  • The concurrent validity of the item version was assessed by correlations of Rasch person measures with scales of depression and life satisfaction.

Creating a total score from all SPSI-R items is partly justified by the high internal consistencies found for the full set of items, but internal consistency is a weak test of dimensionality Hattie, Scientific Software. Our second aim in this study was to construct a reduced, item version of the SPSI-R that might be useful as a screening tool for quick assessment of general problem-solving abilities.

This latter feature may also reveal business plan for a travel and tour company benefits for a more streamlined, efficient assessment of social problem-solving abilities particularly in health care settings, where competing time, attentional, and service demands routinely undermine assessment procedures. All measures were read aloud to the low-vision and caregiver samples; the diabetes sample completed the measures on their own recognizance and returned the completed questionnaires via mail.

Participants indicate how they usually respond to everyday problems. Assessing the dimensionality of optimism and pessimism using a multimeasure approach. A stamped envelope with a return address was provided along with instructions for returning materials.

By conducting these analyses on data collected from three distinct samples, we may examine the generalizability and replicability of the results.

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Further analyses using exploratory as well as confirmatory methods found that an alternative five-factor model was best for the SPSI in the sense of goodness of fit, parsimony, and cross-validation. Thus, clinicians and researchers in these types of settings are often faced with the difficult choice of using brief and efficient psychometrically sound measures or no measures at all to evaluate patients who may be at-risk for problems with adjustment Elder et al.

We wanted the reduced version to reflect the same item content coverage as the full item SPSI-R scale.

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Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: More specifically, the SPSI-R is a theory-based measure of social problem-solving processes and has two current versions: Journal of Abnormal Social problem solving dzurilla Psychology, 22, — Multifaceted conceptions of fit in structural equation models. Google Scholar Nezu, A. Social problem solving also represents a key form of intervention within contemporary psychotherapy and education, a way to better manage the demands of everyday living in a world that is often complex and unpredictable and sometimes irrational.

The goal of this investigation was not to replace the SPSI-R short form, but rather to examine if there was a more efficient and rapid set of items that would maintain the key components identified in the social problem-solving model and yet address the practical needs of clinicians and researchers. In Rasch scaling, ordinal raw score totals for each person are converted to interval [logit] measures.

The measurement properties of the 10 items were then cross-validated in the other two samples described above. Google Scholar Bollen, K. Included in the packet was a letter from the clinic director describing the study.

Distinguishing optimism from pessimism: Specifically, we selected two items from each of the five SPRI-R scales with the lowest mean-square fit statistics. Using Rasch scaling of the SPSI-R short-form, we identified a subset of 10 items that reflected the five-component model of social problem solving. Relations to fundamental dimensions of mood and personality.

A composite raw score total for the final item version can be computed by summing all 10 items after reverse scoring the items from the NPO, AS, and ICS subscales. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 45, 19— When some experiences become bothersome and troubling, a person may feel uncertain about how to deal with what is meant by ecosystem approach to environmental problem solving, or a person may try to cope but nothing seems to work.

Higher scores reflect greater subjective well-being. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Problem solving as a moderator of stress-related depression and anxiety in older and middle-aged adults. In all cross-validation analyses, the performance of the item version was compared to the performance of the SPSI-R short form item scale.

There was no monetary incentive for returning materials. Specifically, we used the Rasch rating scale model Andrich, to assess the measurement structure of the full item scale. Alternative ways of assessing model fit.

In clinical settings, the SPSI-R is often used to facilitate treatment planning, identify those at risk for problems with adjustment, provide insight for recommendations regarding patient disposition, treatment options, tracking of treatment skill acquisition, and follow-up evaluations. The Rasch item separation reliability was 0. Psychological Bulletin,— A social competence approach to clinical intervention.

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Psychometrika, 49, — Problem-solving therapy for depression: Google Scholar Marshall, G.