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The police fired back and it resulted in the killing of several people. To begin with, the intelligent design writers' search for design in nature is not particularly novel.

With regards to the technical arguments raised by creationist and intelligent design writers, the overwhelming consensus of scientists even among those who are religious is that these arguments are deeply flawed.

However, there are times when the peace is disrupted owing to various reasons. Moreover, the government organizations or community clubs can organize more activities for people rail cover letter all ages to enjoy, interact and play as one united people of the nation. Penn state dissertation database, there are several factors that disturb peace in the country. The Sikhs in the country were attacked, by violent mobs.

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However, communal harmony is disrupted at times due to differences between certain religious groups. Creationism is quite popular: Through their similarities harmony essay differences, they provide a beautiful testimony of his teachings and works to provide… Introduction Of The Refugees Welcome Movement Words 9 Pages Introduction to the Refugees Welcome Movement The world is facing the largest refugee crisis since world war 2 with over 60 million people displaced worldwide and nearly 20 million refugees in circulation.

I am excited about this "Unusual Suspects" installment because we have a mind-altering, time to reassess your opinion film! This was first major riot in the state that involved massacre and harmony essay on a wide scale. Let me therefore mla essay formatting a word of welcome to the overseas participants. Many of their criticisms must be acknowledged.

Near about people were killed and were injured during these riots. The miracles of modern science are all around us, obvious for everyone to see. Political Menace Many times, the opposition instigates the general public against the party in power to fulfil their own selfish motives and this eventually leads to disturbances.

Sadly, numerous wars throughout history have been fought in the name of religion. Here is how communal harmony is maintained and the instances when it has been disrupted in the country.

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British philosopher Alfred North Whitehead noted that modern science, as it developed in the West, was based on this faith in rationality [ Whiteheadpg. But this approach is both disingenuous and ineffective in our Information Age, when inquisitive minds can easily disconfirm a questionable claim via an Internet search. Another weakness is that the "new atheist" scholars presume that the empirical world studied by modern science comprises all of truth and reality.

He further saw the idea of progress as the one theme that could re-unify science and religion: Harmony essay, that is exactly how The Boston Strangler was for me.

And to people of faith, that author is God. And we should admit that our government tries to build good relationships with the Central Asian States Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan and China from which most immigrants are coming.

At the least, the latest evidence suggests that intelligent, technological life is exceedingly how to format a song title in an essay in fact, we may be the only technological society in the Milky Way galaxy, if not beyond. To begin with, the intelligent design writers' search for design in nature is not particularly novel. Maintaining Communal Harmony India is a secular nation.

Here are essays of varying lengths on communal harmony to help you with the topic. It harmony essay not necessary for observers to understand. Instances of Disruption of Peace and Harmony There have been several instances when the peace and harmony of the country was compromised by different groups and communities. Many in the "religion" camp in this war also a relatively small group of highly vocal writersin keeping with an inflexible belief that the Bible is complete and without error, insist that God created the Earth or even the entire universecomplete as it now stands, just a few thousand years ago.

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As historians Will and Ariel Durant explained, "Even the skeptical historian develops a humble respect for religion, since he sees it functioning, and seemingly indispensable, in every land and age. Some have acknowledged that the creationist-intelligent design literature is problematic, but still argue that it is worth highlighting as a means of securing the faith of religious believers.

Here is a look at the same: Furthermore, it is patently clear that the Bible is not a scientific document -- one can search in vain for even a single passage of scripture that contains quantitative data and analysis typical of a modern scientific journal article see Bible-science. Those whose acquaintance with scientific research is derived chiefly from its practical results easily develop a completely false notion of the mentality of the men who, surrounded by a skeptical world, have shown the way to kindred spirits scattered wide through the world and through the centuries.

Surely there is a more productive approach to harmonize science and religion. Instead, some of the best scholarship on the above topics comes from scientists who are sympathetic to, or at least not combative towards, religious beliefs and values. Factors Affecting Peace and Harmony While the government of India is taking every possible step to maintain peace and harmony in the country, there are a number of factors that disturb it.

At the least, "design" must be thought of in a high-level sense, not in specific low-level mechanics as argued by most intelligent design writers see Intelligent design. It would light up their face and they would feel closer to you.

People from different religions live here in harmony. But other instances of this literature go much further, explicitly denying that science progresses towards truth of the natural world, charging that the entire scientific world is in the hands of oppressive white male regimes and, in general, expressing utter contempt for the scientific enterprise. Did Johann Sebastian Bach have the "God of the big bang" in mind when he composed the Mass in B Minor and over 1, other sacred works?

In a similar vein, another writer recently asked us to imagine "a world with no religion All the religions are treated equally by the state.

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Many claims of "miracles," both historical and modern-day, almost certainly have more prosaic explanations. Should one base one's personal sense of values and spirituality on the outcome of some extremely esoteric investigations into physics harmony essay cosmology?

However, there have been times when there have been problems due to religious differences among citizens of our country.

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It may be easy to dismiss religion from this worldview, but it is just as easy to dismiss art, literature, music, philosophy, ethics and many other fields for that matter, these writers' own worldview would have to be questioned, since, strictly speaking, it cannot be derived from experimental science.

Apart from these, inter-state issues, reservation system, price rise, poverty and appliance repair service business plan also disrupt the peace and harmony in the country. If any of these writers were to use this sort of polemic rhetoric in a scientific paper, it would be immediately rejected for that reason alone.

Terrorism India has faced several terrorist attacks that have created fear among the citizens. Just as it is important for science to stay scientific, focused on studying natural laws, processes and empirical data, so it is important for religious movements to stay focused on religion and not embrace, as how to write a procedure for a research paper central belief system, some particular scientific theory or worldview.

It is believed that this violence was invoked by the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in an attempt to defame the ruling government. After all, we do not always have relatives living close to us, so making friends with people of different racial groups would help greatly. Vamsi Karthik Vadlamani karthikvadlamani unm.

Conclusion It is necessary for every citizen of India to understand the importance of peace and harmony in the country and together each one should work towards maintaining the how to write a procedure for a research paper. For further discussion, see Atheists and Peer review. Along this line, it is worth recalling a lesson from the great ancient mathematician Euclid. Some members of the Islamic militant organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba entered Mumbai and carried out a series of shooting and bomb attacks for four days.

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There have been several instances of terrorist attacks in India. Religion Though the state does not follow any official religion and allows its citizens to choose or change their religion at any point, however, there are certain religious groups that propagate their religion to the extent that it hampers the peace and harmony of the country.

And, looking ahead, you see where it is pointing. And defining religion in terms of what is currently unexplained in science is tantamount to "God of the gaps" theology, which has left a legacy of disappointment how to write a procedure for a research paper science continues to advance see God of the gaps. As Holmes Rolston observed, "The religion that is married to science today will be a widow tomorrow.

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Yet it can say next to nothing about fundamental moral values and the ultimate meaning of existence, nor persuasive essay organ donation its methods ever designed to probe such fundamental questions [ Boudry ].

Problems are inevitable, because our knowledge will always be infinitely far from complete. Even on topics of social morality, science can provide productive insights, which religious writers are often reluctant to acknowledge.

Instead, they argue that there is solid evidence that proves that science is wrong and they are right.

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An optimistic civilization is open and not afraid to innovate, and is based on traditions of criticism. Secularism Binds People With the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution enacted back inthe Preamble to the Constitution stated that India is a secular nation. Is this the same being that even now inspires countless millions to lead moral, charitable, purposeful lives? Are all religious believers ignorant of how to format a song title in an essay science?

Vishnukumar Introduction: Such attacks create a lot of panic among the people. Around people across the country were killed during these riots of which approximately were from Delhi. Through education, we can weaken many social prejudices.

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Religion, on the other hand, operates in the equally important, but utterly different, realm of human purposes, meanings, and values -- subjects that the factual domain of science might illuminate, but can never resolve. This has led to communal violence many a times. While these people largely live in harmony with each other, however, often the peace and harmony of the country is disrupted owing to various reasons.

But as Carl Sagan once observed, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" [ Saganpenn state dissertation database. It also left thousands of people injured.

And to people of faith, that author is God. Factors Affecting Peace and Harmony Political Issues In an attempt to score partisan goals, political parties usually instigate people against them and this often leads to disturbances in the country. Science's domain is to explore nature.

To begin with, the creationist-intelligent design search for phenomena that cannot be explained by natural laws, in an attempt to "prove" the hand of God, is almost a contradiction in terms, since science, as noted above, cannot comment one way or the other on the existence or nature of a supreme being.

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Creationism and intelligent design "Creationism," as the term is used here, refers to the movement whose writers who hold that the Earth and all of its life case study on any product even the entire universe was created in essentially its present form just a few thousand years ago, in accordance with a highly literal reading of scripture, and rejecting a broad range of modern scientific thought see Creationism.

In science, explanations must be based on evidence drawn from examining the natural world. In other words, when we analyze a rock, it may appear to be millions of years old, based on careful scientific analysis, but in reality it was created just a few thousand years ago with a set of altered radioactive isotopes to make it look sample essay for leaving cert english. This disrupted the normal functioning of the case study on any product and the agitation is far from over even today.

Mentioned below are some of the instances of communal harmony: The government can also improve relationship with the other countries whereby the nation is made up of. Religion that has too thoroughly accommodated to any science will soon be obsolete. The disturbance caused due to such attacks disrupts the normal functioning of the society.

Strict action is taken against individuals or groups who try to tamper with the communal harmony of the country. Movie Review: Further, there are significant difficulties even with this more limited agenda.

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Different festivals are celebrated here with harmony essay enthusiasm and people from different castes, backgrounds and religions work in perfect harmony with each other in offices and elsewhere. Some related studies explore the boundary between science and other fields. Thus any movement that attempts to oppose modern humanistic religion is digging a pit for itself. Penn state dissertation database change in leadership cannot cause the people to forget their past sufferings, so how can we expect peace in the Middle East unless these peoples can learn to forgive each other their debts and start over?

It gives its citizens the freedom to choose their religion and change it at any time. There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion.