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Innovation is the cornerstone of a successful differentiation strategy. Harvard Business School Publishing. Employee motivation:

Thousand Oaks, CA: Jobs created a patchy, segmented and team-based structure where team interactions were absent.

Apple introduced focused differentiation by introducing sleeker and lighter second generation iPad. Apple maintains a pillsbury cookie case study secretive culture to protect its intellectual property.

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Employee motivation: Apple also was able to command cost substantially over other players. The adhocracy culture: While informal organizational structure relates the social structure of the organization, such as culture, behaviors, interactions and social connections within the organizational context, formal structure can be understood as the abstract form of structure that is comprehended more easily through management structure, hierarchical relationship, leadership type, etc.

The Business Review Cambridge, vol.

  • Due to the nature of theoretical implications with the research, a qualitative research approach in the form of case study was adopted, which fulfilled the purpose of the research as well as revealed important insights on the subject.
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  • So, Apple sustains a culture with people having some kind of passion for the organization.
  • In many cases, Jobs would directly interact with the employees.

Effective Executive. The organization can successfully command a premium price which is the principle sources of revenue growth, highest profit margin, and substantial market share. Organizational Dynamics; vol.

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Research Methodology The aim of the current research is to assess the business strategy, organizational structure, and culture of Apple Inc. The hierarchy or bureaucratic culture: Apple has a very unique and essay radio 3 organizational structure.

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Strategic route in differentiation: Study design and implementation for novice researchers. Connections with autopoietic systems theory. During the time of Steve Jobs, most decision would come from Jobs without any analysis, focus group or thorough consultations Morrison, Salt Lake Community College. With a vision to make great products, Apple Inc.

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An explanatory approach was adopted on contextual investigations, where a descriptive approach was taken to document facts and figures Yin, The executive team would directly pass Jobs decisions onto the employees Anderson et al. Chen noted four different types of leadership style, such as transactional, charismatic, transformational, and servant, and then identified interrelationship between the leadership style and organizational structure.

The most emphasis Jobs would give was on intelligence and passion.

  • Apple has a very unique and flat organizational structure.
  • In a market culture, organizational effectiveness is determined by transaction costs, i.

Analysis of Apple Inc. Csaszar noted that organizational structure essay radio 3 be conceptualized as the decision making structure among the people within the organization and argued that this structure substantially affect different initiative taken by the organization. However, it is notable that Jobs reduced the bureaucracy of the organization to support a more flattened organization where authority can do more interactions on the need basis.

In a market culture, organizational effectiveness is determined by transaction costs, i. The typical values of clan culture are shared goals, cohesion, participation, individuality, and a sense of togetherness.

This style of decision making imply the fact of authoritative rather than autocratic, which was one of the Jobs leadership skills who had exceptional ability to provide clear and powerful message Chaffin, n. Connections with autopoietic systems theory.

Each project or product development initiative takes a team-based structure, where teams work individually, tasks are micromanaged, and one unit is physically separated from other units Anderson et al. YIN, R. In Apart from great innovation and product design, Apple incorporated differentiation in its marketing strategy.

Therefore, strategic management involves the dedication of organizational resources to meet its various challenges associated with its internal and external environment. Apple added more value to the third generation iPad through incorporating processing speed.

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Each retail points are organized with trained employees. Brand image, customer loyalty, etc. Based on the competing values framework Revised ed.

Hachette Book Group. Strategic Plan for Apple Inc.

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Organizational Culture Organizational Culture Organizational culture can be defined as a set of value, assumption, beliefs, artifacts, rituals, and ceremonies that help organizations to accomplish various goals and to coordinate with deakin university creative writing staff and external environment Schein, Despite this secretive nature in its culture, the flat organizational structure increases communication and faster implementation of decisions Heracleous, The research will also investigate the effects of organizational structure on its communication and decision making processes.

Focus strategy allows firms to narrow the competitive scope to gain advantages. Apple does not encourage people to discuss projects and share ideas.

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Team coordinates under the direction of CEO or top executives and on the need basis Anderson et al. Data used in the research was secondary in nature that comprises of case studies, peer reviewed journals, and blog articles collected through internet research. Jobs and his leadership team put substantial efforts to recruit employees argumentative essay about corn socialize employees into its innovative culture Wooten, Decision making at Apple is very unique and unusual.

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The qualitative report, vol. This would facilitate direct and more personal level interactions. From the study of this paper, it can be concluded that the organizational culture of Apple is that of adhocracy category where all challenges and tasks circle around the product success. Market culture is the typical to an organization that functions as a market.

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Leadership applied to the adhocracy culture is visionary, innovative and risk oriented, and the power flows from person to person on the need basis. Formal structure as myth and ceremony.