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We can let you know if any documents are missing or incomplete in a timely manner. Because strong students come from many different types of schools, JMU examines each applicant within the context of his or her high school. Your application will be reviewed once you have submitted all of the above required information. Is the Admissions Committee looking for specific grades or marks in admitting applicants? Where can I find more about clubs, sports, and campus recreation?

After freshmen year, students may remain on or move off campus. If you are meeting all requirements for graduating in less than 4 years, and a grade is omitted on the transcript, james madison application essay questions require a written explanation from your guidance counselor.

If you have questions concerning what courses to take, please contact our Office of Admissions. See the undergraduate catalog for course listings and required scores: Is the Admissions Committee looking for specific grades or marks in admitting applicants?

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Please keep the personal statement to a word maximum. The Office of Admissions will notify you of your residency determination in communications throughout the application process.

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Additionally, some Honors early action applications may be deferred to Honors regular decision if additional application information is needed. Your application will be reviewed once you have submitted all of the above required information.

All early action and regular decision applicants with complete files are given the same consideration by a committee of Honors College professors and administrators. Your game is here. Applicants may list their awards and recognitions on their application if they would like to highlight any of their achievements such as honor testosterone research paper, placements in competitions, certifications, etc.

Your application is evaluated on the testosterone research paper of the following criteria: Do you rank the quality of secondary schools in the U. Many high schools have developed their own version of this form. At graduation, your level of participation pg thesis format anna university be noted on your diploma and transcripts.

James Madison University - Application FAQs

The majority of our incoming freshmen are ranked in the top third of their high school with 'A's and 'B's in core classes math, lab science, foreign languages, English and social sciences.

Because strong students come from many different types of schools, JMU examines each applicant within the context of his or her high school. Which application should I use?

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Letter of Recommendation If an applicant wishes to have one included with their application, it must be requested by the applicant via our online recommendation system during the application process.

Students must have applied to the Honors College by January The Admissions Committee uses your highest math and verbal scores from any test administration in reviewing your application for admission.

Optional Information

Is it possible to be admitted for the spring semester? Antwerp, London, Florence, Salamanca, and Edinburg. Is it to my advantage to take advanced, accelerated or honors courses, if available? A student-athlete, who does not want his or her test score used during the Admissions review, does not need to submit a score to the JMU Office of Admissions.

James Madison University - How to Apply to Honors College

Where can I find more about clubs, sports, and campus recreation? You certainly do not need a car to get around Harrisonburg.

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Many of our programs are predicated on fall entry for freshmen and cannot be replicated during other terms. We have 18 Division 1 intercollegiate athletics teams, a growing list of club sports teams and a vibrant intramural sports program. The extent to which we use the waitlist varies widely from year to year.

Must I live on campus? We recommend that you choose your six most notable. Feel free to use this space to explain any circumstances that may have affected you and cannot be found on your high school transcript.

Any additional letters of recommendation will not be reviewed. The online application. We can let you know if any documents are missing or incomplete in a timely manner. If you do not submit the personal statement with your online land rover case study, please include it with your high school transcript packet, not under separate cover.

Parking on campus, however, is not always easy to find. There are no quotas for individual schools or communities. Students can list their involvement with clubs, organizations, part-time jobs, athletics, and volunteer opportunities.

If I submit my application before other candidates, will I have a better chance of gaining admission? We are also interested in students who have been involved in community service or held part-time jobs.

James Madison University - Apply as a

We know that not all schools provide the same opportunities, but you should seek out a full and demanding college preparatory program. We cannot accept screenshots.

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Essay responses should be no more than words each. If an Honors early action james madison application essay questions is deferred by the JMU Admissions Office, the Honors decision will be deferred to regular decision.

James Madison University Application & Admissions Info

Does James Madison offer an Honors College? However, if you visit the university and need to speak to a counselor to discuss a unique situation, we are more than happy to meet with you. Please note: What majors and minors does JMU offer? These short answer essays are evaluated for coherent arguments, appropriate word choices, and should sufficiently address the question prompts.

Activities, Honors and Awards The online application provides a place to list six honors and awards as well as six homework gloves. All freshmen live in university-sponsored housing.

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Competitive applicants challenge themselves beyond high school graduation requirements in the core academic areas of English, math, science, social science and foreign language. Beginning in the fall also lays the foundation for your academic achievement.

  1. We recommend that you choose your six most notable.
  2. January 22, Applications may be submitted anytime through January
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Please include the applicant's name, birth date and high school name. The university has a strong public safety program that includes a full campus police force, lighted pathways, an escort service, campus cadets, emergency phones and residence halls that are locked 24 hours a day.

Personal Statement This is the space for you to tell us more about yourself. Please note that in-state tuition is not need-based. Can I appeal my residency decision to get in-state tuition? If you choose not to submit standardized test scores, you will not be penalized in the admissions application, scholarship or Honors College review processes. Our ,square-foot University Recreation Center is amazing.

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Please note that all applicants' status will be "Incomplete" until all items are reviewed and processed by the JMU Admissions Office. A faculty member-in residence accompanies each group for the semester-long experience. Will I qualify for in-state tuition? Senior Year Schedules may be emailed to applicationprocessing jmu. The waitlist is the pool of applicants we consider if we are able to admit additional students to fill the class.

We recognize that there are differences in the overall strengths of high schools, but we are most interested in how well our candidates have taken advantage of the resources available to them.

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Freshmen are not permitted to have application letter for the post of graphic designer on campus. The mid percent of ACT composite scores range was between 24 to Because our decisions are made in the context of the entire applicant pool, it is not possible for us to predict your chances for admission.

We believe students get the most from the James Madison experience by living in the residence halls.

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Most students involved in performing arts here are majoring in fields unrelated to the arts. We never know precisely how many students will accept our offer of admission, therefore, we invite a group of students to be on our unranked waitlist.

What JMU considers during the application review

In order to expedite the process, please send only the required documents listed above. JMU also realizes that a letter of recommendation, personal statement, extra-curricular activities, secondary school report and standardized land rover case study scores may be helpful in the review of your application.

There are also dozens of short-term programs offered each summer offering a variety of courses, including general education courses. Should I worry about safety at James Madison? We offer semester-long study abroad programs in five cities: We are looking for quality involvement rather than long lists.