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A good country needs to be run like a good business. To succeed in life, we need to take risks. Do you agree that the youths of today subscribe only to values that suit them? We do not need great leaders, only pragmatic politicians. To what extent is the use of measurement accurate and necessary for the assessment in our schools today?

Technology will increasingly allow people to work from home. In your society, to what extent is it acceptable for public money to be used for the acquisition of works of art?

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Consider the view that the study of another language is not necessary when English is so widely used today. It would be a mistake for education in the technological age to ignore the Humanities. Should smoking be completely banned? Should we be extremely excited or very disturbed by the gp essay questions on education of creating genetically modified human beings?

Sustainable design dissertation ideas all governments sustainable design dissertation ideas towards homogeneity among their people?

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How far do you agree? Cover letter software developer entry level thy country! Are wild animals necessary? This is due to the fact that most schools have rules in place and students will be given chances to learn from their mistakes even if they have broken the rules. Does the presence of a foreign power ever help a country with problems? Is it justified to blame the society for its crimes?

Leaders are born, not made. Examine the claim that the world is too dependent on oil. Possible stands: Movies and television can never replace books. Has Science become a new religion?

Do you agree? Television does not mould social values, it merely mirrors them.

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In your society, how well are the demands of the economy and the environment balanced? The youths of today have an opinion on everything but a heart for none. It is meaningless to talk about saving the environment when millions of people are starving to death.

GP - Essay Questions Collection from Past Prelims | Traditions | Science In what ways? With the creation of the Internet, information is made available and accessible to us easily.

Just do it. How seriously should we heed this warning? Is formal education over valued?

The advancements of Science and Technology have both empowered and weakened Man. To what extent is the media responsible for the perception of truth in the world today?

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Rousseau Comment. How true is this statement in the world today?

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How important is reputation in the world today? How far would you agree that immigrants are necessary for a society to be successful today? In what ways? OctPaper 12 1 How far has eco-tourism been developed in your country? Success in life includes both the quantitative financial ability, material well-being and qualitative mental and spiritual well-being aspects.

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To what extent has the traditional male role changed in your country? Would it matter if all the performing arts venues in your society such as concert halls and theatres were closed down?

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OctPaper 11 1 Explain the main causes, in your opinion, of the recent global financial crises. It matters not how a person dies, but how he lives.

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To what extent does the migration of people have a positive effect? The greatest pleasures of life are often the simplest. This form of education allows less room for the growth of creativity and innovation.

Modern society: The most worthwhile jobs are usually those with the least financial gain.

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Do awards and prizes serve any useful purpose? That men do not learn very much from the lessons of History is the most important of all lessons that History has to teach. Most criminals need help rather than punishment.

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What is the most serious problem in the world today? Is violence ever justified? There will be about 2 — 3 Singapore-based questions based on any of the above, custom argumentative essay more likely to confined to social issues, culture, media and education.

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Is too much control being exercised on the new media in your country — or too little? Social Issues Others 1. How far is increased prosperity for all a realistic goal in your society? Science should always seek to prolong life.