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This can be an excellent source of financing for the contractors at the early stage of a project. Peel, M. The analysis was done to find out how these infrastructure project contractors are managing least working capital requirements. These delays will reduce the cash requirement, especially during the initial stage of construction. Inflation has influenced the productivity of construction work because the LWC needs to be how to write dissertation results to meet the expenses required by the project. This study is organized as follows:

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Maximizing account payables by having longer credits from the suppliers also has the chance of getting poor quality materials from supplier that would ultimately affect the profitability. This shows that the independent variables subcontractor, material, inflation, equipment, labor, and overhead can be confidently used in estimating the variation in the dependent variable lwc.

Both actual and predicted values of LWC have been compared and it was found that the mean actual LWC for the projects studied is 7. The moment a project owner awards a project to a contractor, he pays the contractor a certain amount as customer advance. This can be an excellent source of financing for the contractors at the early stage of a project.

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The purpose of this research paper is to provide a basic understanding of the requirement of LWC Least working capital concepts for Indian construction contractors. Kaka suggested that further variables be added to enhance the flexibility of the cash flow produced and proposed a model designed to use more than 50 variables to calculate cash flow for one individual contract.

If a contractor is awarded the project, but tries to back out of entering into a firm contract, the project owner can cash in the bid bond. Alternatively, the money may be paid later, upon completion of the credit period.

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Accounts receivable management models are used in 59 percent of these firms, while inventory management models were used in 60 percent of the companies. The increased inflation rate of the Indian economy from how to write a cover letter for resume 2019. The cost requirement for all other items will affect the overhead cost.

And once the bill is raised, the client does get some time before he has to pay up. Furthermore, this relationship can be adapted to the construction environment in India.

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Maintaining adequate working capital; is not just important in the short term. The result is the correlation matrix in Table 1, which shows the correlations between all possible pairs of variables and indicates the number of cases used to compute them.

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Even a profitable business may fail if it does not have adequate cash flows to meet its liabilities as they fall a due. Kenley, R. Across a limited sample, Weinraub and Visscher observe a tendency of construction firms how to write good essay question low levels of current ratios to also have low levels of current liabilities.

Proportions of all expenditure are uniform throughout the contract period; 2. The multiple regression analysis is one of the most widely used statistical methods for analyzing multifactor data and provides a way of empirically identifying how a variable is affected by other variables.

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In the contracting business, construction firms are generally more concerned with short-term financial strategies than the long- term ones. However, for equipment, material, and subcontractor costs, tips ucas personal statement credit periods are given to the contractor. The same theory applies to LWC estimation.

Construction contracts are of two types cost plus contract and fixed price contract. Data were obtained through various project data base like database, websites and other sources.

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The inflation rate is considered in this equation as the predicted average percentage of inflation rate during the construction period. Due to the constraints of time and resources, the number of projects 32 only manages to fulfill the requirement for statistical analysis. While this study is among the first to estimate LWC for local practices in India, several shortcomings can be identified, among them the small volume of data collected and the lack of availability of required data.

Maness and Zietlowpp. These expenditures will require a large amount of working capital before commencement of any construction activity.

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The cash requirement for equipment will depend on its ownership. The factor of inflation has a positive correlation with the requirement for LWC. Chiou, J. Nevertheless, if the credit period given by suppliers is longer than the duration from the beginning of construction until the first payment is received, the material cost would not affect the working capital requirement.

Working capital management is the cornerstone of the construction industry. This is because the actual cost of each element is not available during the planning stage, and thus the estimated percentage of these costs makes the estimation of LWC easier. Gammon India Limited 7. Infrastructure segments involve construction projects in different sectors like roads, rails, ports, irrigation, power etc.

Hiren Maniar1 Abstract: This difference is called the time lag and can exercise 7.3 critical thinking positive or negative, depending on the mode of payment.

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To enhance the validity of the study, information regarding the background of the project team and their companies was also collected. Most of the mathematical models are developed for cost flow forecasting only, while cash flow forecasting mathematical models are based on forecasting the cost flow first and later translating it into cash flow.

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The working capital management should aim at having balanced; optimal proportions of the WCM components to achieve maximum profit and cash flow. Shin, H.

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Alreck, P. Ahluwalia Contracts India Limited 2. However the lesser working capital may lead to lost sales and thus may affect the profitability. This model is very flexible and capable of adapting to a wide degree of inter-project variability. Hindustan Construction Company Limited 9.


Era Infra Engineering Limited 6. Sufficient liquidity must be maintained in order to ensure the survival of business in the long term as well. This would increase cash inflow.

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Analysis of Least working capital LWC requirement was done on a sample of 32 infrastructure projects in India among 16 construction companies. Construction management, Wiley, New York.