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Each group of five is given a set of statements. Using phrases to get your students to say and think more will help them use deeper thinking.

The students are told that their boat is sinking and that there is a desert island nearby.

Critical thinking | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC We hope that some of these activities will help you in brainstorming ideas to use in your classrooms.

Getting your students think more gets them saying more, and saying more is using language creatively and communicatively. Simply count to sixty after asking a question to give your students a chance to think before they answer. Though the teacher may find both approaches equal in terms of how well they facilitate language use in class, it is clear that the later topic will encourage a greater degree of participation and interest from the students.

The other students in the room collaborate to find the best clues for the vocabulary word. If you are teaching ESL to children, teaching critical thinking is particularly important because it will serve them in their futures no matter what language they are speaking.

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After each group has presented, they roll a dice and the awarded points are combined with the number on the dice. By asking students to look at pro's and con's and costs and benefits an instructor is forcing them to consider real world problems that impact their daily lives in a critical way.

How would you balance school and work? Have students give reasons or examples that support their ideas, and they will learn to support their arguments naturally.

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  • How it Works Students must first be made aware of a debatable topic and of the variety of potential positions that can be taken on the topic.

Even the most overworked and underpaid of instructors, who claims to have no time for lesson planning, can make a difference here. Brookfield, S.

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Any interesting findings can then be discussed in more detail. These can be displayed in the classroom for other students to see. Of course, any number of vocabulary sets can be used, with a variety of other critical thinking activities. When the groups have finished, there is a class feedback session to discuss the job order, according to each criteria.

The students look at a list of adjectives and mark the ten most important qualities of an ideal partner on their worksheet. The made up word represents a vocabulary word the students recently learned. Sometimes, but then a taxi has to stop at intersections.

  1. After each group has presented, they roll a dice and the awarded points are combined with the number on the dice.
  2. Ask student groups to list the above forms of transportation in order from slowest to fastest.

The instructor should then identify two or three causes that seem appropriate to the task and ask the students to discuss steps for their correction. Therefore, does a sailboat move at the same speed as a hot air balloon, since they both move with the wind?

I have tried to focus on techniques which I think help students to focus on the real world around them and which teachers may make use of even with limited resources. You can support your ESL students as they are learning new skills by giving them tools to help them.


I am now going to provide a brief overview of three techniques which have served me well in the past but I would like to stress that these are only three techniques of many that are possible and I encourage teachers to develop techniques appropriate to their own situations.

As your students become more adept at that task, remove these supports and encourage their successes, big and small. Choosing a topic being single or married essay to the interests of the students is essential.

It is true that these questions are often written in such a way as to almost sales lady application letter critical thought but teachers need to remember that they always have the ability to modify or adapt lessons to their own circumstances.

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The students' task is to discuss the situation on the worksheet for 15 minutes and negotiate an outcome. Try one or more of these techniques with your students and see how well they can express their thoughts with the language they are learning. You can say thinks like the following: Does a taxi move faster than a subway train?

Time for analysis reading, watching, listening, etc.

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When finished, the class will have the BEST student made definition in their upper right corner. List the words again in the order of importance to humans. When teachers engage students through creative instruction methods where the risk of embarrassment is low, students are able to succeed and feel a sense of unity in learning English together. Students are in groups of students in each.

Also debates are versatile in the range of topics possible and the format that the debate may follow.

Thinking Outside the Blank: 8 Critical Thinking Activities for ESL Students

Finally, there is a class feedback session to find out the most popular qualities from the class. But critical thinking can and does fit in the language classroom. As mentioned before, get students into groups to collaborate and to achieve the goals of each activity.

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  • Once the students are comfortable with the content of the piece, the instructor should then introduce questions designed to encourage critical reflection.

A simple way to do this is to take a controversial statement and challenge your students to list some reasons in support of the statement as well as some reasons against it. Learning to Really "Discuss" the Discussion Questions As a teacher it is essential that you understand and communicate case study on 5s system your students regularly the role of the questions they are being asked to answer.

Your Views ESL Critical Thinking Activity - Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 30 minutes This thought-provoking speaking activity helps students to use their critical sales lady application letter skills to discuss a set of controversial statements. The Elevator ESL Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Activity - Listening and Speaking - Intermediate - 30 minutes This speaking activity is useful for practicing negotiating, critical thinking, problem solving, prioritizing and making preferences.

Strategies for Developing ELL Critical Thinking Skills

You can encourage your students to express logical and reasonable supports for their opinions during discussions and for writing assignments. Things to Remember The media is all around us and finding material for classroom use is just a matter of opening a newspaper or watching the news The focus of this type of activity does not need to be essay on progressive movement traditional topics like bias and censorship Teachers must know their students and their interests in order to source appropriate material for classroom use Working with local media outlets may give the opportunity for real correspondence between the class and a writer or editor 3.

How do you encourage your students to think critically? Encourage this type of thinking and expression and your students will benefit in more ways than one.

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The students then complete the worksheet by naming the four items and explaining why they chose each one. This activity, as simple as it sounds, involves lots of logic and critical thinking.

Students write the most popular categories from their group at the top of each column in the chart on the worksheet and write examples underneath, e.

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Simply count to sixty after asking a question to give your students a chance to think before they answer. The students discuss each statement for five minutes and then vote whether they agree or disagree with the statement, noting down the reasons for the winning decision. After they are prompted by the teacher to switch, they check the other groups response with: Doing this is easy.

Using phrases to get your students to say and think more will help them use deeper thinking. Conclusion In conclusion, I hope that teachers are able to use this article and some of the techniques I have suggested as a lmx literature review point for the development of critical thinking in their own classes.

Afterwards, the students listen to a song based on the text and complete a gap fill. Recall and memorization only require surface level thinking. The other students listen and give their opinions on the categories and examples.

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I have chosen these three in particular because I feel that they have a degree of universality and practicality that makes them almost immediately applicable to most teaching circumstances. More appropriate questions could certainly be found however for an ESP Engineering class or for a group of year old boys and girls.

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Alternatively, it could simply be small groups or pairs sharing their differing points of view with homework folder ideas for first grade another. Students then write down the ideas and turn their ideas into a short narrative conveying those ideas. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below.

List the words again in the order of the amount of equipment needed to play them. Getting your students think more gets them saying more, and saying more is using language creatively and communicatively. Each group of five is given a set of statements. The goal is actually NOT to arrive at a correct answer, but to get students to think more deeply about words, what they represent, how they are each part of bigger systems, how they relate to each other within those systems, and so on.

They go to each poster for minutes doing the activity required. Ask each student group to discuss their list with another group.

Maybe you had an internship or were a leader in a school organization. Typos and errors will set a negative tone for the rest of your application, even if your other materials are strong.