A research paper must include all of the following elements except. The Elements of a Proposal

A conceptual approach. Confusing figures with tables. Identify the unit of analysis in the study. Because selection of instruments in most cases provides the operational definition of constructs, this is a crucial step in the proposal. Is there a relationship between them?

  1. The Elements of a Proposal
  2. Outline the instruments you propose to use surveys, scales, interview protocols, observation grids.
  3. Inclusion of non-textual elements, such as, figures, charts, photos, maps, tables, etc.
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Creswell,p. If you place non-textual elements at the end of the report, make sure they are clearly distinguished from any attached appendix materials, such as raw data. The following materials are appropriate for an appendix.

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Sample of informed consent forms. If you have a lot of raw data or information that is difficult to present in textual form, consider uploading it to an online site. Structure and Approach For most research paper formats, there are two ways of presenting and organizing the results. The St.

7. The Results - Organizing Academic Research Papers - Research Guides at Sacred Heart University

Make key points clearly and succinctly. Do not use phrases that are vague or non-specific, such as, "appeared to be greater or lesser than For example, you may have noticed an unusual correlation between two variables during the analysis of your findings.

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Avoid over-generalizing, and reference the research findings of others to support why you think this will work C. The page length of this section is set by the amount and types of data to be reported.

Importance of a Good Results Section

As such, your study must be able to stand alone without the appendices, and the paper must contain all information including tables, diagrams, and results necessary to understand the research problem. Prentice Hall. Questions and hypotheses are testable propositions deduced and directly derived from theory except in grounded theory studies and similar types of qualitative inquiry. The abstract should provide a complete synopsis of the research paper and should introduce the topic and the specific research question, provide a statement regarding methodology and should provide a general statement about the results and the findings.

This will help ks2 english essay writing reader know what information is included in the appendices [always list the appendix or appendices in a table of contents].


Piwowar, Heather A. Because it is really a summary of the entire research paper, it is often written last.

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It is usually good practice to include your raw data in an appendix, laying it out in a clear format so the reader can re-check your results. What will results mean to the theoretical framework that framed the study? Avoid statements that imply that little has been done in the area or that what has been done is too extensive to permit easy summary.

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Appendixes The need for complete documentation generally dictates the inclusion of appropriate appendixes in proposals although this is generally not the case as regards conference proposals.

It is essential in all quantitative research and much qualitative research. When defining terms, make a judicious choice between using descriptive or operational definitions.

Elements of a research paper A summary of your key findings arranged in a logical sequence that generally follows your methodology section.

Regardless of placement, each cover letter recent college graduate element must be numbered consecutively and complete with caption [caption goes under the figure, table, chart, etc. The format of the references will match the format and style used in the paper. Select and reference only the more appropriate citations.

Structure and Writing Style I.

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An introductory context for understanding the results by restating the research problem that underpins the purpose of your study.