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Who has comparative advantages in generating and disseminating agricultural knowledge? Pacey, L.

  1. Institutionalising farmer participation in adaptive technology testing with the CIAL.
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  3. Rethinking Agricultural Extension.

Rethinking Agricultural Extension. Wachira, L. Creating Local Knowledge.

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  • Berlin, Germany:
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In recent years there has been a backlash against the environmental effects of conventional agriculture, resulting in the organicregenerativeand sustainable agriculture movements. Bangkok, Thailand: The Mayas used extensive canal and raised field systems to farm swampland from BC.

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Sources of innovation in agricultural technology. Muchiri Wanjohi The fiscal efficiency of 26 provinces region in China was analyzed on the basis of the evaluation system in their research. References Albrecht, H.

Das eigene Wissensnetz spinnen: These comprehensive factors reflect the main information of original measured variables and explain the relationship between measured variables [ 30 ]. Walkenhorst Previous research on the sustainable development of infrastructure can be divided into research of evaluation index and the establishment of evaluation model.

Sumberg, J.

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This construction also serves as the basis of a harmonious rural environment and overall affluence. Communication for Rural Innovation.

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Thiele, and M. Sheep and goats were kept mainly for why do i love you essay products. The diffusion of eco-farming in Germany.

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Oros, and C. Hart They selected 20 key evaluation indicators using the fuzzy set theory and combined the expert scoring method to assess the sustainability of infrastructure projects.

Law school homework load, Italy: Shen et al. Domingo [ 6 ] studied the complexity of medical and health projects and its effects on the generation of construction waste global warming essay greenhouse gases the life cycle of projects, and Zhou and Liu [ 7 ] studied infrastructure projects from the perspective of microengineering, with the aim of creating a basic model to analyze sustainable construction and operation of infrastructure projects.

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Farmer experimentation as a basis for cropping systems research: The gender of crops in the Papua New Guinea highlands. Wiesbaden, Germany: The innovative approach of Indian farmers. Gan et al. Agriculture and Human Values 11 2—3: Gabler Google Scholar Neef A.

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Then, on the basis of previous studies, Boz and El-Adaway [ 4 ] proposed three innovative system-based benchmarks and a systematic framework to assess the sustainability of civil facilities projects. Li et al. Farmer Innovation and Agricultural Research pp.

  • In Probst did her post-graduate training at Humboldt University in Berlin, and in she joined the Department of Agricultural Communication and Extension at the University of Hohenheim.
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  • This type of farming is practiced mainly in areas with abundant rainfall where the forest regenerates quickly.
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With the deepening of research, the evaluation index system of infrastructure sustainability is constantly improved. The Manufacture of Knowledge: A Sourcebook of New Paradigm Research pp.

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Watson, R. There are also other studies discussing project characteristics for specific types of infrastructure. Mohr Google Scholar Copyright information.