Problem solving tools and techniques used by quality circles, brainstorming can be defined as the methodology used to encourage every

This enhances their self confidence and gives them big job satisfaction. Focusing on critical issues by ranking them in terms of importance and frequency example: Decide the priority and select the problem to be taken up first. The characteristics of quality circles are that they consist of volunteers who set their own rules and priorities, take decisions by consensus and use organized approaches to problem solving.

Without circle members the program cannot exist.

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But there are many other following advantages which largely benefit the individual and consecutively benefit the organization. Methodology The structure of a quality circle is shown in Fig. Analyzing problems or causes by different groupings of data e.

They are applicable for variety of organizations where there is scope for group based solution of work related problems. He co-operation the works of several quality circles through the Circle leaders.

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Leaders may be from lowest level workers or Supervisors. Brain storming Sampling and charting methods 1.

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History[ edit ] Quality circles were originally described by W. A Circle leader organizes and conducts Circle activities.

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Non members are those who are not members of the quality circle but may be involved in the quality circle recommendations. The first quality circle was registered in Quality Circles are not limited to manufacturing firms only. Problem selection: Quality circles are made of groups of employees normally 6 to 12 who perform similar tasks or share an area of responsibility. He may be a Sample of capstone project or Administrative officer who co-ordinates and supervises the work of the facilitators and administers the program.


Circle leader: However, the effect of QC initiation management- vs. Problem Analysis: Quality circles enable the enrichment of the lives of the employees and create harmony and high performance. Steering committees consisting of middle management are also to play a positive role in quality circle activities for its success.

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Which discipline problems should be tackled first? A high attendance of QC meetings is related to lower number of projects completed and slow speed of performance in management-initiated QCS [10] QCs with high upper-management support high attendance of QC meetings solve significantly more problems than those without.

QC members are trained to observe key events at the work place and chart them in the specific sequence and interrelationships.


Identify and evaluate causes and generate number of possible alternative solutions. Fig a practical guide to critical thinking pdf Structure of quality circle Top management plays an important role in ensuring the success of implementation of quality circles in the organization. Quality circles help in achieving this goal and help the organization to be competitive for a long time.

Quality management is not a one time effort but a continual long term endeavor which has to be recognized, reinforced and rewarded by continuous monitoring the ongoing data collection, evaluation, feedback and improvement programmes.

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Therefore, the purpose for which data is being collected must be clear. Starting many circles initially or increasing the number very rapidly may cause problem of lack of concentration, coordination etc.

  • Commitment and ability of facilitators and leaders.
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Posted by Satyendra on Aug 6, in Management 0 comments Quality Circles — An Effective Tool for Management Quality circles consist of a basically formal, institutionalized mechanism for productive and participative problem solving interaction among the employees of an organization. Coordinator who also acts as a facilitator is an individual in the organization who has responsibilities for coordinating and directing the quality circle activities within the organization and carries out such functions as would make the operations of quality circles smooth, effective and self sustainable.

Quality circles were re-exported to USA in the early s.

(b) Cause and Effect Analysis

It is headed by a senior executive and includes representatives from the top management personnel and human resources development people. Which problem with Product X is most significant to the customers?

This enables to select the most appropriate solution. Typical work related issues are improvements in occupational health and safety, product design, manufacturing processes and improvement in the workplace. Individuals in addition execute activities diverse from regular work.