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This allowed ICL to optimise the utilisation of warehouse space and reduce lost sales as a result of out of stock situations. Implement a common human capital management framework Group priorities Continue to refine the people strategy to improve organisational strategy execution.

Press releases | Media | Imperial Logistics Media Contact. During the year the division underwent a strategic consolidation process in South Africa.

Structuring the most efficient network Improving ICL ability to differentiate itself in terms of customer service Consider scenarios to free up capacity in the network for a suitable principal The Supply Chain assessment showed that there was significant value to be realized, both in efficiency and in customer service.

Phase II essay about leadership skills the project is being rolled thesis about whitening soap to nine additional premises which are collectively expected to deliver an average energy saving of 1 kWh per annum.

Audit skills development delivery and spend to ensure broad-based black economic empowerment targets are met. For more information, please visit www. Regular shop floor meetings with all recognised unions and regularly reporting performance against collective bargaining agreements to labour representatives and shop stewards. Normally we look for acquisitions and use our expertise to grow acquisitions.

ICL previously delivered to a customer universe of around customers per week. Maintain strong relationships with labour unions How to write an application letter to be a prefect at school priorities Reach mutually beneficial agreements with collective bargaining parties. Define key performance indicators for human capital management.

The system will support the delivery of human capital services and ensure compliance with the new standardised people policies and practices. The new Imperial Health Sciences business performed ahead of expectation and will lead to further opportunities to grow the business across the continent in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company, a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner as well as Oracle Partner has a ten year track record, having maintained long-term partnerships with companies in the retail, transportation, media and communications, manufacturing, mining, property and services sectors.

Strategic objectives — Leverage a strong position in existing markets to capitalise on growth opportunities presented to the logistics industry — Continue to follow our clients into Africa and play a bigger role in other key trade corridors in Africa — Take advantage of consumer growth opportunities in Africa, e.

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He said they had owned a vehicle dealership in the Sydney market in Australia and had complemented that with a recent acquisition in Melbourne. They were operating through 11 facilities throughout the country, on top of an expensive fleet of trucks.

Employee engagement survey results African Regions Formal and informal surveys undertaken during the year indicated a need for career pathing and improved relations between employees and their line managers. The consolidation of Volition and e-Logis into the Resolve business will strengthen its ability to increase its top line and to create a more sustainable service offering. Within the Integration Services business, the expansion of their distribution management service capabilities delivered benefits both internally and for clients across consumer products and fuel retail distribution.

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The Solution The improvement initiatives were grouped, prioritized and sequenced and planned into the following projects 1. Provide access to basic wellness support.

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Hire locally and only use expatriates to assist with technical issues such as aligning financial reporting requirements to Imperial Logistics processes. This was reduced by closing the accounts of the smallest customers in the delivery universe.

Distribution and Logistics Planning: Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning

Resolve workplace disputes in a fair and constructive manner. Marius Swanepoel, the chief executive of Imperial Logistics, said this week that there were massive opportunities for expansion in both West Africa and East Africa.

Assessment on possible changes to the network, and associated benefits. As the custodian of strategy, capital, succession and governance, the group exists to enhance the sustainable competitive position and growth potential of its subsidiaries. Swanepoel said pharmaceuticals formed the largest part of its business in Africa but there were still a lot of opportunities to grow this business in Nigeria and Ghana.

Priorities for African Regions Retain and develop management teams of acquired businesses to preserve local relevance. Motus, the motor business, also plans to expand its foreign operations. Principals were encouraged to discontinue the deliveries to unique or small customers, or alternatively bear the full distribution cost of deliveries to these customers.

As a result, management focused on enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs to drive performance, the benefits of which should be realised in the new financial year. Similar expertise across various businesses was combined into a number of new units to leverage scale and synergies and drive cost savings and greater efficiency, the benefit csc introduction to problem solving which should be realised in the new financial year.

Continue to achieve maximum points for skills development, which requires that around black learners participate in our learnership, apprenticeship and internship programmes each year. This recognises that people and culture are the foundation for the delivery of differentiated customer value propositions, organisational effectiveness and reputational integrity.

This extends to managing their material environmental impacts, according to the nature of their operations.

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Progress made in Established a remuneration committee. MDS Logistics has a quality customer base across a number of industries with a strong new business pipeline.

The key elements of this project was: In order to create the most cost-effective offering for the market, the business model offers a shared infrastructure solution, whereby an optimised and practical service can be offered to manufacturers of these products and their distribution in to the retail footprint.

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Mohammed Akoojee, the acting chief executive of Imperial Holdings, said they could take their expertise into both of these markets and any innovations in those industries would first get into the UK market, allowing Motus to learn from that best practice for the benefit of its business in South Africa. We also run two programmes — the family bursary scheme and csc introduction to problem solving next generation scholarship programme — which award bursaries to the children and legal dependants of our employees.

Weekly volume smoothing was implemented to ensure that equal numbers of trucks are used to deliver stock on all the days of the week. Change the Drop based approach.

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Improve black representation through cultural readiness initiatives, accelerated talent development, strategic sourcing and targeted attraction and retention initiatives. Progress Imperial logistics business plan equity committees established at divisional CEO level. These scorecards includes: The plan sets employment equity targets and covers the initiatives in place to meet targets.

Implement the Network changes and new Inventory management. The LTS Kenzam Bulk Imperial logistics business plan acquisition was concluded and the operation was integrated into this division with effect from 1 October Blonde hair essay and individual mentoring and coaching is delivered by internal leaders from various divisions.

Regularly review operational labour plans to ensure imperial logistics business plan of service to clients. Feedback from anonymous focus groups indicated imperial logistics business plan need to improve how employees identify with Imperial Logistics and the brand.

The Order for writing essay Freight business performed satisfactorily imperial logistics business plan volume pressure in certain products, i. Report employment equity performance at company management meetings and escalate issues to the Imperial Logistics board. In Europe, progress is reported to the management board monthly and feedback sessions have been held in six countries.

Embedded argumentative essay presentation structures and processes to ensure disciplined capital allocation and effective balance sheet management, for focused order for writing essay and targeted returns, underpin these objectives.

This implied that the nominated delivery days of some customers had to be moved to days in the week where ICL had historically low distribution volumes. Media Contact. Realize the savings by aggressively driving the changes through the following: It draws on a network of expert facilitators, moderators and curriculum designers, Skills Education Training Authorities and educational institutions.

Megafreight, which was disposed of this year, was only included for two months versus twelve months in the prior year. Talent management and executive development women imperial logistics business plan South Africa participated in a coaching leadership development programme. Improve the quality, maintenance and security of core people data.

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In the rest of Africa businesses, CIC continues to grow and perform well. Despite a difficult trading environment, the business was successful in gaining significant new contracts and the integration of the FMCG and South African consumer healthcare components of the new Imperial Health Sciences business was successfully implemented. Far country delivery fees were recovered from Principals for deliveries to customers in the Klerksdorp, Dundee, East London and George regions.

Areas for improvement include employee engagement, leadership quality and business agility.

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Simplifying structures and removing complexity, duplication and cost within the divisions. Progress made in Workshops held to start designing standardised recruitment, performance management and industrial relations practices, among others.

Progress to address employee concerns will be communicated through quarterly CEO talks, Imperial Logistics TV and newsletters, and in the African Regions, at managing director forums and roadshows. Business unit managers are tasked with discussing the survey results with their teams and developing concrete action plans to address areas of improvement.

The Cold Chain continues to impact results negatively as difficult trading conditions persist. This affected all businesses in the supply chain, including our warehousing and distribution operations.

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This acquisition provides an excellent platform for further growth in the region and is consistent with our strategy of focusing on consumer opportunities in Africa and following our customer base on the continent while creating sustainable partnerships in certain markets.

R million with 21 training hours per employee in Africa Rationalising legal entities and simplifying, separating and aligning local and international financial structures. Warehousing management. For further information, please visit www. Review policies, procedures and practices to achieve the desired culture, and ensure all operating companies align to Imperial Logistics' people policies, as far as possible, while also complying with local labour laws.

This included: The Rate structure at the time were driving the wrong behaviour and incentivised the principals to behave badly — changed when the base is settled Rates to be structured to represent the cost drivers. This was identified as the 1st step to change the network and freeing up capacity.

Swanepoel said Imperial Logistics would get higher growth in Africa than its other operations but it was from a lower base. Transportation plans are expedited in real time by a team of expeditors.

The Africa business, including CIC, which is involved in the distribution of FMCG products into many African markets performed well while volumes and rates in our customer base in South Africa, especially those involved in manufacturing, were depressed. Some of these programmes are delivered through study assistance and bursary schemes.

Feedback from exit interviews informs retention initiatives. Delivered a successful coaching leadership development programme for women. Increase investment in e-learning capabilities to enhance access to training. Started rolling out a new performance management practice, for full implementation by January The title recognises efforts to create good working conditions for employees, boosting our attractiveness as an employer.

Assess values-based behaviour as part of the performance management process.

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He added that Imperial Logistics did not have any interests in French West Africa and was looking at opportunities in this area as well, while its consumer packaged goods business was only operating in the Southern African Development Community SADC and would definitely expand to take advantage of opportunities in West Africa and East Africa.

Vehicle utilisation was improved. With this ethos driven at the highest level, our CEO was presented with the Nedbank Capital Sustainability Leadership Award in recognition for his success in greening African supply chains.

Currently viewing: Transport volumes were also better, especially in our Namibian businesses. This will enable us to compare roles and manage pay scales more consistently and will support talent mobility. Courses include programmes on how to lead self and others, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a diploma writing a good research paper characteristics components and its types Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a higher certificate in Logistics Management.

Progress made in Started implementing a human capital management solution to better manage core people data.

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This further positioned the division to deliver a simplified, consolidated end-to-end logistics solutions to customers who can now benefit from the best the company has to offer in all areas. The business problem Due to a sample of business plan for painting company of macro- and micro-economic factors, the South African Retail and FMCG market have been under significant financial pressure for a number of years.

The partnership, in which e-Logics has been appointed as the hosting and solutions provider to One Network software in Africa will enable improved operational efficiency, lower inventory and transportation costs throughout the supply chain. In addition to a well-constituted group board and governance structures aligned to best practice, the divisions have strong operating boards that comprise group and thesis statement for beowulf executives and independent non-executive directors of the Imperial Holdings board, with imperial logistics business plan mix definition research paper relevant professional and industry expertise.

Implementation of a state of the art Demand Planning system, imperial logistics business plan centralising the demand planning process. Mitigate the risk of labour cost increases in client service contracts.

Improve digital and physical working environments to enable employees to perform at their best. The net investment in the fleet is lower than the prior year, in line with the scheduled replacement cycle. Central to the concerns for ICL was their extensive supply chain network.

This had a dramatic impact on the operations: