International migration case study igcse geography. Managing Migration – Edexcel IGCSE Geography

Consequences for area they arrive in: This means a constant loss through migration with the break up of families. Higher rates of infant mortality than towns.

Indian cities receive approximately six times the investment of their rural counterparts.

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Source of manual workers who are prepared to work dirty low paid jobs e. Task 3. Then there are refugees and asylum seekers, who flee persecution and are given residency and help in the UK whilst there claim of asylum is considered by the Home Office. You will see two conflicting views on the USA.

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Task 6- Mexican Superhero! Migrants are also expected to take the citizenship test, which I have failed! It is predicted masters thesis vs phd dissertation Migration Watch that immigration will raise the population of the UK by 7million over the next 20 years.

There is growing concern among some people about the overall ethnic mix in the UK. Anti-Polish graffiti has appeared on the streets of a number of UK cities. This can happen during a war international migration case study igcse geography. In Calcutta they include: Unfortunately there are employers who unfairly exploit these qualities. To understand why people move within Brazil and to understand the issues that this creates at place of origin and destination.

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The real cause of the slowly changing ethnic minorities. Try to think of at least five pull and push factors and write them down. An additionalpeople from the A8 nations migrated to the UK as self-employed workers, such as builders and plumbers, who do not need to register with the WRS.

Countries allow legal migration, which is normally covered by a visa or permission system. These are massive and one of the biggest problems facing the entire developing world.

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Masters thesis vs phd dissertation to Urban migration. To find out what makes people move inside and outside of their home country. The UK for example, allows huge numbers of legal migrants from deals made within the European Union, from which it allows limitless migration to EU passport holders, and also allows skilled people to apply to the UK from non EU countries.

In total over three million people have moved so this obviously puts great pressures on the areas they arrive in. Should Margarita stay or go? Describe and explain the impacts of migration the country of origin Mexico and the destination country USA. Because of the large influx of migrants the native people of the UK took negatively towards these economic migrants because of nationalism.

Managing Migration

Alternatively, you may want to use this worksheet courtesy of TES. This would mean that Poles were now the third-largest minority ethnic group in the UK, after Pakistanis and Indians.

Alternatively the developments could be on steep slopes increasing the chances of landslides. Possibility of spreading development to more remote Islands. New cultures e.

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In some of the least populated Island migrants threaten to completely out number locals. How many of each can you remember?

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You should have watched the 25 minute documentary above in preparation for this lesson. An additionalmoved between July and Decembertaking the total of Polish migrant workers tosince April Thousand of acres of rainforest have been cleared and this has led to soil erosion.

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Burger King and Starbucks. In fact, legal immigration is quite tightly controlled by the UK Border Agency.

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More academic analysis has suggested that the new migrants are beneficial to the UK in several ways: The reconstruction of the country and cities post-war also created a large labour demand. National Insurance contributions would have to be higher if immigration was lower.

There will be a predominantly elderly population that will find it ever more difficult to support themselves. Increased mechanisation of agriculture to feed growing population means greater rural unemployment.

Many cross from nearby Bangladesh.

Migration IGCSE

The population on main Islands like Java is continuing to grow rapidly and the trans-migration scheme is providing minimal relief. Better medical and health care. Migration can be looked at in terms of time scale as well. Study the diagram below with your teacher.

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It is natural change that is shifted the ethnic balance — not immigration. Use the Google map below to help you.

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Consequently, a large quantity of the land soon becomes unsuitable for farming. Inflation caused by increase demand Pressure on schools and hospitals.

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Transmigration has done little to remove the problems of over-population. In addition, people use wood and charcoal for cooking. Check out what is going on at the USA - Mexico border right now. If the migrant finds work in the city then it is likely that the village he left will benefit from money sent home. Voluntary migration occurs when people CHOOSE to move, this is often for economic reasons for work or for social reasons such as to be closer to family.

This turned out to be a gross underestimate.

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Someone who is trying to get refuge residency in a foreign country because their life is in danger in their home country. Government incentives to ease population pressures on Islands such as Java.

The first column should be entitled 'Push Factors' and the second 'Pull Factors'. Asylum Seekers drown off Australia http: Remittances top world aid http: Consequences for area they arrive in: Make notes don't copy word for word on the four investigation titles paying particular attention to the push and pull factors.

Migration and population

The Polish Embassy stated that the number of Polish workers in Britain was betweenandPrint out a copy for your folders and highlight the key aspects for revision. This is often prone to flooding particularly during monsoon season but also is likely to be located near industry increasing problems with air pollution but also experiencing toxic chemical discharge. This is made worse by the shortage of tool and destruction of crops by wild animals.