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Our junior faculty each have a mentoring team of three senior faculty, and their classroom teaching is observed each year. Not all assessment comes from faculty. The prospectus, it is understood, will not be a polished dissertation proposal, but at a minimum it should display a strong knowledge of the subject, much of the relevant secondary material and other contexts crucial to the writing of the dissertation, and should present a workable plan of attack as well as a reasonably sophisticated understanding of the usc creative writing ba assumptions involved in the subject. We have an excellent record of placement for our students, but we are leery about this as an index of assessment since students come to us with their own learning objectives, and in the real world we must balance their objectives with ours. But he also says that artistic fictions are more philosophical than history. The level courses feature advanced studies in theory, creative writing seminars and workshops and special topics.

Our innovative Narrative Studies major is interdisciplinary across the entire university. The Edward Ten steps for writing an essay. English specializes in thinking clearly and writing well, in contexts that are culturally broad and historically deep.

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Our junior faculty each have a mentoring team of three senior faculty, and their classroom teaching is observed each year. Patches of grass dot the dry dirt. We change our stories, start new ones, rethink old ones and experiment as we shift our sense of who we are and what we value.

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Law firm cover letter samples of mind, facility with expression, and a sense of continuity with the past are ways of thinking and engagement that may not develop fully until years after graduation.

Here is a sampling from the class of The exam tests students in various areas of emphasis British literature, American literature, poetry, prose, etc.

  1. Creative projects submitted for the Honors Program require both a creative component and a critical literary component, with separate faculty supervising each component.

Contact us About the Undergraduate Program We offer a broad usc creative writing ba of courses in English, American and Anglophone literature of all periods and genres, but also in related areas such as creative and expository writing, literature and visual arts, ethnic literature and cultural studies, the history of the English language and of literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory.

Application deadline: Take away our stories, and there is not much left of us.


Contact us We tell stories, university of manitoba annotated bibliography stories make us human. The makeup of the qualifying exam committee may change as the interests of the student change.

I have a knack for problem solving and work well independently and with little oversight.

We use roundtable discussions for courses with several sections, sharing syllabi and encouraging exchanges about expectations, while avoiding rigidity and sameness. They tell us more than how or why things are; they tell us what could be or should be, and are infused with moral purpose even when they claim not to be.

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All courses applied toward the degrees must be courses accepted by the Graduate School. When words are manipulated in ways unanticipated, they lead to ideas unanticipated.

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For complete information, please visit https: Degree Requirements These degrees are under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School. The resurgence of our self-governing undergraduate student association Sigma Tau Delta is evidence that faculty have conveyed a sense of appreciation for our discipline.

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The faculty mentor and informal qualifying exam committee will assist the student in planning a program of study appropriate to the student's interests leading to the screening procedure.

December 1 The program provides dual emphasis in literature and creative writing, culminating in the dissertation, which combines critical analysis with creative originality.

We monitor student progress through close encounter, oral presentation, and the continual exchange of written work both with faculty and among peers particularly in creative writing workshops. And our Courses will describe what we really are doing in any semester.

Rarely, and only with the approval of the graduate director and the graduate committee, will a student be allowed to postpone the departmental examination and the screening procedure, and then only for one year.

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The usc creative writing ba courses offer fundamental work in theory and in the history of British and American literatures and cultures. As part of your application to study abroad, you will select courses to be pre-approved by your academic adviser to meet your major requirements.

  • All courses applied toward the degrees must be courses accepted by the Graduate School.

Engaging with complex literatures prepares them for understanding complex lives. Every fall we offer two seminars in literary theory sample essay for muet are open to any senior, and required of any senior hoping to advance to our Senior Honors Thesis in the spring.

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We continually reassess our procedures and criteria for all prizes. Assessment of objectives Assessment of these three learning objectives reflects the fact that literature is a way of knowing, rather than a gathering of information or theories.

  • Our theses must be supervised and read by at least two faculty members; all faculty must participate, all decisions are reached in concert, and all students present their work publicly before faculty and peers.
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Social Utility All writing is creative writing, with extensive relations law firm cover letter samples English and other disciplines, and one Justice of the U. Such studies all take time. This integration of literature and creative writing is reflected in the structure of the dissertation, which introduces the creative work within a context of critical inquiry, bringing together the examination and embodiment of the literary act, a new model of scholarship and creative innovation.

Program: English (BA) - University of Southern California - Acalog ACMS™

We share a core of literatures and genres through the ages, and then emphasize either Literature or Creative Writing, using each to enhance the other. The student's course work must total at least 64 units. Dissertation The final stage of the program is the submission of a creative dissertation that makes an original, substantial and publishable contribution to creative literature: Qualifying Examination Following completion of course work, the student must sit for a qualifying examination, at a time mutually agreed upon by the student and the qualifying exam committee.

The level courses feature advanced studies in theory, creative writing seminars and workshops and special topics. Introductory courses at the freshman and sophomore level likewise are governed by communal faculty understandings of goals and assessment.