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With particular focus to Hong Kong, mobile phones are popular among adolescents. Therefore, this study recruited teachers with different years of teaching experiences and training background, in order to get a comprehensive view of the issue. I wanted to see if there was any particular pattern of events that caused the students to misbehave how, why, and when during the class period. O'Malley, and L. Although I become less strict as the semester progresses, I believe that I gain more respect from my students by learning more about their interests.

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Twelve individual interviews with teachers were conducted. In the middle of the semester, after I had been keeping the journal for over a month, I asked the students for some of their thoughts on what would prevent disruptive behavior.

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Vazsonyi, P. Special thanks to Ms.

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I wanted to see if there was any particular pattern sample action research paper on pupils behavior events that caused the students phd thesis hkust misbehave how, why, and when during the class period. There are findings showing that the program could promote holistic youth development and reduce adolescent substance abuse and delinquent behavior [ 22 — 24 ].

The Findings Through journalizing, I found a few recognizable patterns. In this category, on top of dealing with personal stuff, doing other homework, reading, and drawing that are unrelated to the lesson, this study showed that using electronic devices e. These findings indicate that teachers are concerned about classroom learning and student development, and they expect that there are respect, obedience, order, and discipline in the classroom.

I began this process by reviewing the guidelines of the classroom and talking with the students about my expectations of them. As such, direct employment of an existing scale is hardly sufficient to tap all the classroom problem behaviors exhibited by students. It is thus argued that the scales developed in these studies as well as the sample action research paper on pupils behavior may be limited swatch case study harvard describing student problem behaviors in mainland China classroom, which is different from the pluralistic classroom in which Confucian and Western teaching and learning approaches are used in Hong Kong.

Student Classroom Misbehavior: An Exploratory Study Based on Teachers' Perceptions

Kilpatrick argues that if students are. Among them, the most common and disruptive misbehavior was talking out of turn, particularly in the form of disruptive conversation. Asking the students for their input and opinions through both verbally and in survey form helped my classroom management situation empowering the students by giving them a voice in the classroom and implementing some of their suggestions.

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One particular male was absent for almost two weeks during this observation time and the class seemed to become a little more manageable. We are prepared and paper cup business plan to working towards closing the achievement gap between low-income students and high-income students and preparing all students to succeed in college.

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As soon as I reduce the amount of disruptive behavior in one class, another will challenge me. In order for teachers to successfully teach and students to academically succeed; an orderly classroom environment with minimum disruption to bring behavior under control is needed.

Teachers do not discipline a classroom; they manage a classroom. When arguing, students usually had poor attitudes, especially boys. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated, and a child humanized or de-humanized.

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Li, and G. The coding and categorization were finalized with consensus among the coders and further checked by a colleague with a Bachelor degree of Psychology and professional counseling training. Urban schools are increasingly seeing more egregious student behavior.

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Shen, N. Results 3. Evana Lam and Ms. On a daily basis in-service and pre-service teachers are faced with disruptive behavior in their classroom, which results in wasted instructional time. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Do not include previous degrees on your title page. Diploma Your diploma will be available from the Office of the Registrar approximately 4 months after the conferral date of your degree.

Case study vs case control study at Google Scholar R. As the semester progressed, I was also able to identify an increase in independence, self-responsibility with daily activities and assignments, and personal maturity. They usually knew why they were there and I asked them to complete a behavior plan.

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  • I also wanted to investigate how I reacted to the situations and how the student reacted to my strategies of classroom management.

The pre-service teachers acknowledge the. In the beginning of each semester, I have the tendency to start with a very strict, regimented approach, but as the semester progresses, I always seem to become more lenient. I also found that when the students were participating in groups, completing a graded assignment, listening to a speaker, or viewing a video, they tended to behave appropriately and with respect.

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If students were passive and not engaged, similar to daydreaming and not paying attention, teachers tended to regard students as irresponsible for their learning and even lacking learning motivation. Even though there were some studies, they were conducted a decade ago [ 412 ] and limited to focusing on the mainland China educational settings [ 518 ].

Students should not be expected to learn and master classroom essay on social responsibility of youth within the first week of school or be able to govern themselves.

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If the teacher commented on, the student would be enraged and hostile, and then disputed against the teacher. Review of Related Literature The need for Classroom Management When discussing tools to effective teaching that leads to authentic learning, no longer can the term classroom management go without significant acknowledgment.

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This was the process that I followed for all the detentions that were given to disruptive students. Huberman, Qualitative Data Analysis: This conception is much wider than the narrow definition in Ding et al. If they are out of seat, they may act out.

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Store owners do not discipline a store; they manage a store. Studies have also shown that in a quest to understand many classroom behaviors one must consider classroom settings and qualities. So I think this is the biggest problem…Normally, they behave offensively against individual teachers, a certain kind of teachers including those who are too gentle or those who are rigid but not convincing.

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The second punishable offense was a write up and the receiving of demerits by the disruptive student. Student misbehavior is a factor in teacher burnout and the decision of novice teachers to leave the profession Allen.

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Beyond that, telephone calls would be made to the parents and a meeting with the guidance counselor would be scheduled. According to Capizza Research shows that the time a teacher has to take to correct misbehavior caused by poor classroom management skills results in a lower rate of academic engagement in the classroom.

Methods 2. Teachers would consider these behaviors as intolerable when they disrupt teaching, affect student sample action research paper on pupils behavior adversely, or suggest the fact that students do not have proper sample action research paper on pupils behavior and attitudes. I then had the student write me a plan for how he or she was going to avoid getting detention again, sign it and they pass it in to me.

The intrarater reliability tests were conducted by the two coders independently; whereas the interrater reliability tests were conducted by two colleagues one has a Master degree and several years of teaching experiences and one has a Bachelor degree independently.

First level of coding was conducted by a colleague who has a Bachelor degree of Psychology and teaching experiences. Studies that investigated the impact of classroom management and bullying discovered that not only did classroom management correlate with whether bullying took place among students.

As the semester continued, I learned a great deal about the dynamics of this particular group of students by deploying a variety of classroom behavior strategies. Jessor and S.

Instrument A self-constructed semistructured interview guide was used for each individual interview. Moreover, research findings have shown that school misbehavior not only escalated with time but also lowered academic achievement and increased delinquent behavior [ 67 ]. The student would usually apologized for their action and would agree to try not to let it happen again.

Moreover, students are very attentive to the surroundings. I wanted to see if the students were aware of the activities that seemed to encourage or discourage disruptive behavior. According to Walker the number of students who consistently experienced a classroom with high-quality instruction and a healthy emotional climate was astonishingly low: Another tactic I have found that has helped this particular class is to provide them with in-depth explanations of why we learn what we do in health class and giving them a reward at the end of the class.

Teachers reported that students would do something in private which was unrelated to the lesson, such as reading, drawing, and doing other homework. Others, like nonattentiveness, idleness, and daydreaming were grouped together as a category of problem behaviors in this study because they were mentioned as related to the fact that students were tired, lazy, or lacking learning motivation.

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  4. Four of them were members of the school counseling team and three were members of the discipline team.

La Paro. As revealed in the interviews, such behavior indicated that students lacked proper attitudes and values in interpersonal relationships as well as in their morality. Let us consider a coach. Coaches do not discipline a team; they manage a team. After I decided to restructure my focus to classroom management, I continued to keep a journal specifically for period three, my most challenging class with behavior.

Student Classroom Misbehavior: An Exploratory Study Based on Teachers' Perceptions

Schulenberg, J. I then asked them to provide any additional information that was relevant and that would be useful in my understanding of their feelings. It was due to the fact that the noises are disruptive and teachers need to spend time to manage, otherwise, such behaviors would escalate in term of frequency and intensity and would be contagious.

There is a connection between how teachers treat their students. Leung and C. McBride-Chang, R.