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Nepal airlines also operates its level of activities. Although the geographical location of Nepal does not suit for safe airports but the safety checks at planes is not carried out time and time. It has its own problem inside within the Organisation and people working inside. The number of European foreigners visiting Nepal is rising so Nepal Airlines can connect European cities and attract new customers.

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It also has opportunities to link up with other major Asian Airline companies to increase the profit. After the slow increase of International visitors especially Ghurkhas, British officers and Royal family and friends, Nepal needed a civil aviation industry to serve domestically and internationally.

To the Independent Hindu kingdom of Nepal all Hindudom feels itself most loyally attached and would ever strive to strain every nerve in defending its honour and integrity.

Nepal airlines also face difficulty in maintaining its balance of books due to more operational costs and staff costs.

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It has its own problem inside within the Organisation and people working inside. In an unstable country like Nepal, Nepal airline can face serious difficulties.

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  • The Circle represents the universe, both exter and internal.

An airline might have various challenges and opportunities too. But with the abolition of last Nepali monarch and the establishment of a federal democratic republic of Nepal in May 28,this is one of the many facts of Nepali history that is coming into daylight. It is made of two pennants, and this design is meant to represent the Himalayas. Join BD.

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For a struggling airline like Nepal Airline, weakness can be very expensive and dangerous. The method of drawing the flag and other particulars relating thereto shall be as set out in Schedule 1.

The bow and arrow symbolizes Kiratas as warriors. Although the geographical location of Nepal does not suit for safe airports but the safety checks at planes is not carried out time and time. Prior to this, the original flag used beginning vorlage dissertation tu darmstadt the 19th century had a similar design.

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Royal Nepal Airlines started its operation in domestically with one DC-3 plane while its international operation only started from with a fleet of Douglas DC-3 Plane Nepal Airlines, Although the airline is serving both internally and internationally but the current number of planes is not enough.

New increase in the domestic market is also a major threat as Nepal Airlines do not have enough planes to connect cities inside Nepal.

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The pennant design is based on the pennants that have been used in the nation for thousands of years. The change in the business environment can be very fatal to Nepal Airlines. There is no transparency in the organisation and all operation activity is hugely corrupted. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The political system is corrupted and unstable leading to the mess within the Nepal Airline Corporation.

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Its failure business plan for a magazine provide quality service and time to grounding of planes is another problem the industry is facing. Threats Although Capstone project ideas civil engineering Airlines is a national carrier of Nepal but it also has its threats.

The flag also features a blue border, which is designed to represent peace and harmony. There has been high demand bra college essay tickets and flights every day.

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SWOT can be vital in making strategic decisions by generating strategic options and future course of action Johnson et. Most passengers are Nepali workers immigrating to Arabian countries for work.

Nepal airlines also operates its level of activities. The fact this significant piece of Nepali history was hidden from the world was because of the censorship imposed by the previous Hindu Shah-Rana leaders.

Unstable government and not enough investment is the main reason the airline is struggling.

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The colors symbolize the national flower of Nepal, bravery, harmony and peace. The saffron yellow represents the sun will never set in Kiratdesa Nepal Shape: Flag Facts Nepal is the only nation with a flag that is not a quadrilateral shape.

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As any business organisation, an airline industry also has various activities. By using single fleet of planes it has reduce its costs.

Colors of the Flag

Colors of the Flag The two pennants are crimson red, the national color of Nepal and the color of the national flower, the rhododendron. Strength Nepal Airline is a national flag carrier of Nepal so it has the strong backing of Nepal Government. The corporation itself is disorganised and corrupted.

We All Nepali. The most unique thing about this flag is that it is the only flag in the world that is not a quadrilateral. The inner circle represents the Mother earth. Nepali Flag before Dec 16, Flag of Mustang: Nepal Airlines has vorlage dissertation tu darmstadt opportunity to add more planes and increase the market share.

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Essay requirements for scholarship, the two symbols are meant to symbolize the longevity of the business plan for a magazine. Nepal airlines face serious challenge as Nepal government do not give priority for the national carrier and international airlines are attracted.

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These are not shown on the flag. Analysis of Nepal Airlines Executive summary Nepal Airlines, national flag carrier of Nepal, was established in 1st July to provide the domestic and international operations in Nepal.

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