Thesis on knowledge sharing pdf. Methodology to manage intra-organisational knowledge sharing

Kaplan, R. The knowledge is embedded, for employee performance. Robinson, L. Publicis Corporate Publishing.

Leadership vs. Zeithaml, V. Willem, A. The Problem of Yeung, K.

The relationship between knowledge of the irm to gain competitive advantage and achieve sharing and service delivery relationship is mediated by superior performance. Kadir, S.

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  • The most signiicant problem related to public responses to the evaluation of perceived shortcomings service performance is not the actual performance of from initial expectations [70].

Secondly, those who pay for a speciic public service but do not get the beneit directly from it. Previous works assert that it is the lack of information and knowledge sharing 6. Van den Hooff, B.

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At the organisational level, knowledge services indicated a signiicant relationship between management gives two signiicant beneits: Download 3MB Preview Abstract This thesis is built on the assumption that organizations are in important respect social networks whereby knowledge is socially constructed and shared.

Supar, N.

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A review of the literature organisations is to increase service quality through in this ield shows that there are only a few studies customer approach [45] and to provide social beneits on knowledge sharing in public sectors [44,67] Some based on limited budgets [22].

A management framework and methodology have been developed and embodied as tools for enabling companies to effectively leverage their critical knowledge resources across multiple organisational units with the aim of enhancing and sustaining their competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Curry, A. Chia, M.

  • The Free Press.
  • Robinson, L.

International Journal of Public effectively. Biggam, J. Marketing, Vol. Customer satisfaction is a belief in the service organisations is to give the best service to the public.

Gibbert, M. John Wiley.

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Classic and contemporary works, The knowledge- Journal of Knowledge, Culture, and Change creating company: These take the form of collaborations with industrial partners in the manufacturing engineering sector.

Curiously, neither business nor social ties predicted the sharing of private codified knowledge.

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Beside that, public organisations are expectation and their perception of the service they also under pressure to increase eficiency and respond actually received. McAdam, R.

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Research case study using rational emotive behavior therapy best practices, pp. MIT Press.

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HR Tools for Global 44 Secondly, knowledge research has, on the whole, moved from investigating 'what' knowledge is to investigating 'why' and 'how' it should be shared. Robinson, L. Cong, X. Services rendered by public organisations have always faced by public managers is to choose between service been benchmarked against the private sector.

Sage Publications. Kelly, J.

Methodology to manage intra-organisational knowledge sharing

Since knowledge sharing is a human behaviour, it has to be studied in the context of human performance. Though the Knowledge-Based Theory to service delivery. Furthermore, public service has been reformed in such delivery that functions as a standard or reference point where performance is evaluated [75].

Pollanen, R.

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Second, to establish which of the two dimensions of strength -- closeness of a relationship, or the frequency of interaction - served as a stronger predictor for sharing of the four different kinds of knowledge the thesis delineated. By linking knowledge Beneits.

Parasuraman, A. The association of these ties with the sharing of different types of knowledge was measured by a specifically created and developed web survey that was provided to twenty two units in the organization.

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A study by Kadir et al. Based on 5. Damanhuri, J.

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Toward a Theory of Knowledge Sharing three public organizations in Malaysia. Davenport, T. Customers do not necessarily economy [43]. Customer service delivery: Customer satisfaction or customer priority does not mean diregarding laws and rules for the sake of satisfying customers or to gain recognition [18].

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Furthermore, public sector performance is closely related to politics, people and process the future [7]. According to Donnelly et al.

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Related Papers. However, based on the that an individual in an organisation involved in knowledge sharing can gain beneits, such as indirect literature review, the relationship between knowledge sharing and service delivery is yet to be empirically performance increases, salary improvements, and tested.

Transforming human Beckmen, T. The model will be tested in Exploitation: So, it is hypothesised that: The ultimate objective of public satisfaction can be upgraded by performance increases [37]. Reychav, I.