Research paper on factors affecting employee retention. Factors Influencing the Retention of Academic Staff in a Ghanaian Technical University

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Impact of competing force of motivational factors on employees at work place. Mandeep Mahendru.

Factors Affecting Employees’ Turnover Intention

This finding concords with that of Kinicki and Fugate who observed that employees enjoy working with like-minded people who share the same behavioural norms. This finding concurs with that of Ryan who observed that it is important for quality employees to work for an organisation that provides them with opportunities to grow and develop.

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Most of the participants felt that the university offered a diversity of staff development programmes and growth opportunities that were tailored to their differing needs. Best employer studies: Research Instrument Based on the literature, an interview guide was constructed that included open-ended questions.


Anonymity and confidentiality were guaranteed. Human Resource Management, 48 2— The Qualitative Report, 10 2— The on-going training and development programmes being run internally have positively impacted me. Relationship appeared to be a factor that retains qualified academic staff in the university.

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There is a clear level of respect and recognition for all categories of staff in the university, a reflection of the organisational culture created to which academic staff relate.

Participants mentioned that supportive leadership was a primary reason why they stayed with the university: Scope Of Study It includes detail study of employee attitude.

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A similar view is shared by Schaufeli and Bakker who argue that when employees do not experience job satisfaction, there is a drop in their levels of engagement at work, their stress levels increase and their chances of burning out become much higher. Academic leaders who are approachable and inclusive inspire and motivate staff within institutions as observed by Trevisan et al.

Factors Influencing the Retention of Academic Staff in a Ghanaian Technical University

Growth opportunities The necessity for growth and development of staff was obvious among the participants. A number of factors have been articulated in order to explain the reason employees leave one organization for another, or in some cases, leave the country.

  • Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that since this study was limited to nine 9 academic staff of a particular university, the credibility and transferability of the findings could be tested by conducting similar studies across a larger sample of academic staff at other universities.
  • Influence on individual and unit performance.
  • An analytical study on a factors affecting employee retention in it i…

Consequently, universities should do more to retain their academic staff. Methodology 3. It has been observed by Kerr and Slocum that the variation in employee retention across organisations may be connected to organisational culture.

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The data was collected from employees in the organizations. It is the view of Caldwell et al.

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Wage and Salary administration WAS respectively. Such variables include a competitive salary package. This huge number of manpower is the driving force of this sectors in terms of productivity and hence in the achievement of the organizational goal. Participants needed to add value and fulfil their personal passion for teaching. They are motivated by the meaningful roles they play.

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I enjoy working with the people here. Irshad, Muhammad Abstract: Page 5 Paper Publications. Participants were further informed they had a right to voluntarily withdraw from the study should they not feel comfortable.

Encouraging engagement at work to improve retention.

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First it tells whether there is any relationship between two variables and if so. However, if leaders are perceived to lack integrity, Kaiser and Hogan further argue that it is likely to harm the trust and the relationships required to build and sustain effective working relationships with qualified and committed employees.

I have a wonderful HOD.

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Remote access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. Participant 6, male with 5 years of lecturing Participant 6 appreciated the recognition and growth opportunities he receives within the university. Institutional mission and vision Participants made reference to the need to be part of an institution with an inspirational vision and mission to which they all relate.

He described the on-going programmes aimed at building capacity of staff as well thought out, thus ensuring that they add value to every faculty member.


Practice and Research, 62 4— Factors Influencing Staff Retention According to Holtbrugge, Friedman and Puckemployers should endeavour to retain high potential employees and replace the low performers with new staff with diverse skills and strong ability. The research question, thus, was: A review of employee motivation theories and their implications for employee retention within organizations.

Impact of human resource management practices on nursing home performance.

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Factors essay on my native place kerala the retention of Generation X public servants: Inadequate wage, violence in the workplace, safety issues of the workplace, unwilling overtime and not getting sufficient paid for overtime, lack of motivation, research paper on factors affecting employee retention working hours and night shift, not getting appreciation for their contribution, irregular increments and promotion, job insecurity and less scope for self-skill development are some leading reasons for the employee dissatisfaction which results in employee turnover.

Qualitative research in business and management.

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The findings show that academic staff are intrinsically motivated.