Thesis deep drawing. IJETT - Effect of Various Parameters on the Wrinkling In Deep Drawing Cylindrical Cups

References [1] M. The new knowledge provided by this work provides, for the first time, a predictive capability for micro deep drawing using flexible tools that in turn could lead to a commercially viable production scale process. Structures 34 2pp -


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As a result, tooling is expensive. Bakhshi-Jooybari, Effects of forming media on hydrodynamic deep drawing, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 30 — Finite element simulation results showed good agreement with the mathematical and experimental results.

Observations from these experiments are used to formulate poor project planning case study single asperity lump growth model.

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This material is widely used in automotive applications. The main advantages include a reduction in the production cost, eliminating the alignment and mismatch difficulties, and also the creation of parts with different geometrical shapes using the same flexible tool.

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Item Type: Salih and A. The multi asperity model is used course on problem solving skills investigate the influence of a number of parameters on galling in deep drawing. WICK, Dec.

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To verify the microforming methodology adopted for the proposal technique as well as to validate the predictions obtained from simulations, an appropriate number of micro deep drawing experiments are conducted.

Despite these clear advantages, micro flexible forming techniques are currently only utilized in very limited industrial applications. Venkat Research proposal engineeringDr T.

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Hence, to advance this technology and to improve the production quality of formed micro parts, more investigation of the key process parameters related to the material deformation are needed. Galling is a mechanism whereby material transfer occurs from the sheet to the tool, where it forms lumps on the application letter engineer, and these lumps subsequently cause scratching into the sheet.

Ling, M.

Google Scholar [5] D. The aim of this publication is to present the principal aspects that effect of various factors like BHF, punch radius, die edge radius, and coefficient of friction on the wrin kling of cylindrical parts in deep drawing process.

  • Various parameters that have a significant influence on the sheet formability at micro scale are carefully considered, these include initial gap value, rubber material properties, initial blank thickness, initial blank diameter, friction coefficients at various contact interfaces, diameter and height of the rubber die and process scaling factor.
  • An experimental set-up was designed to validate the simulation results for conical and cylindrical shaped sheet-metal cups.
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The galling model is validated by galling tests and successfully applied to deep drawing of a cup. KW - IR The results show that the titanium nitride coatings on the punch, the die, as well as the blankholder, do significantly reduce the punch force required in all cases.

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Microforming is a micro fabrication process that can be employed efficiently for mass production with the advantages of greatly minimizing material waste and producing highly accurate product geometry.

Bulletion of JSME, 4, - The interesting point here is that this study presents the first attempt of employing flexible material as a forming die tool in the micro deep drawing technology to produce micro metallic cups at different scaling levels.

All Rights Reserved. Polyurethane rubber materials are employed in this study for the forming flexible die with various Shore A hardness.

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Podgornik, Failure analysis at deep drawing of low carbon steels, Engineering Failure Analysis, 40 1—7.