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Both the countries are spending millions on their masses of developmental process. But with the passage of time, wars have become more and more terrible.

With the manufacturing of warplanes, warships, gunboats, torpedoes and missiles wars became even more destructive.

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League of nations was collapsed completely under the tension and stresses created by Hitler. In presenting his realistic version of a soldier's experience, Remarque stripped that from war novels in his antiwar novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. Scientific inventions have increased the horrors of war on the sea.

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In ancient times, only the soldiers fought. World War I.

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The schools, colleges, factories and hospitals are shut down. Every modern was tends to be a world war. Terrorism can be curbed by exposing the secret designs of some countries for others territories and by international efforts these nations can be singled out very easily so that they stop interference in other matter and learn to live peacefully and let other also live in peace.

Who knows when a war monger will turn his head and commence this wholesale destruction as there will be nobody to stop in them, as counter attacks are bound to take place?


Atrocities of a Day, the Horrors of War words - 14 pages The My Lai Massacre only took a few hours, but its impact on everyone from the perpetrators and victims to the American public will last forever.

Related posts: Science has made modern war much more swift and destructive. Banners, stickers, rallies were some ways people showed their gratitude.

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From the beginning Jackson takes great pains to present her short story as a folksy piece of Americana. If third world war breaks out, whole nations will be finished within minutes.

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Passions were wild. Normal civic life was upset. Just type and press 'enter' Search for: Which issue is most significant to you?

  • The horrors of war are devastating; both mentally and physically.
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It seems that the Angel of Death has visited and breathed on their faces his deadly breath. Thousands of women become widows.

  • A glance at the past history of the world will show war has been a recurrent phenomenon in the history of nations.
  • CLASS 10 - ESSAY:Horrors of war
  • Now few countries can hope to keep out of war for very long.
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Later on man began to make use of swords, blades, spears, daggers and other weapons. Prisoners are tortured and killed at will.

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It also appears that if peace were to continue for along period, people would become sick of the monotony of peace and seek war for change. No problem is really solved by any war. Then wars were not so dangerous. There is no doubt that war is an evil one.

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Although her mother had called it quits on her acting days she still pushed for her daughter to be a star as well. Wars have always been horrible.

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The other vital cause for their military hardware which they are manufacturing in their factories and if there is peace and issues between nations are settled for good, they will have to close their production of sophisticated arms and their supremacy over the world will be no more which they will never like.

But now this has changed. Sometimes, even poisonous gases are used.

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Evils of Wars Evils of Wars: It has greatly affected the lives of people around the world. One of my questions coming into the short essay on horror of war was what are the benefits for military families?

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Others would come home without sight or unable to breathe on their own. The most important conflict in the story is between the subject matter and the way the story is told. For the time being we shall confine our glance other horrors with which the two world wars have made us familiar.

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  3. Therefore, either man should put an end to war or war will lead to an end of mankind.
  4. Besides, there will always be wide differences of option between various nations, different angle of looking at matters that have an international importance, radical difference in policy and ideology and they cannot be settled by mere discussion so that resort to war becomes very necessary in these cases.
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Even educational institutions and hospitals are not spared. Past wounds in fact do not perfectly heal up and are constant goals to an effort at vengeance. Thus the first horror of a modern war is that it must ultimately become a world war.

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And that will be the total destruction of the whole world. We have had advocates of non-violence and the theory of The brotherhood of mankind and fraternity of god.