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They are satisfied with what they have and lead a peaceful life. The government must ensure that every village is equipped with good hospitals and well educated and experienced healthcare staff. It is the home of wild birds which seek refuge on trees surrounding the village.

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Houses in many villages in India do not have washrooms thus it gets extremely difficult especially for the women. This is the reason why many people living here enjoy high stand of living but do not lead a satisfying life.

I like to visit it once every year wherever I may be. Our villages would become more beautiful if such basic amenities are made available here. People have everything for their minimum requirements of life.

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Children get ready and head to the schools located nearby. Menfolk get up early and go on with their usual work. The festivals in villages are celebrated collectively and thus the joy and happiness during that time doubles up.

However, they need to toil hard to earn a good living. The stress level of people in the cities is high.

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We have provided a useful essay on Life in a village in 10 Lines, words and to words. The sweet voice of the cuckoo was the most enchanting one to hear early in the morning.

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Solutions to the Problems Here are the solutions to the problems faced by the people living in villages: The roles of men and women in the Indian villages are well defined. They either have their own farms or work for the landlords who hire them.

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A weekly market is held. There is something divine and mysterious in the village beauty.

Our planning for rural development should be done with every sincerity to bring about the real improvement in rural agricultural life. Though I live in a city now, I was born in a village. Villagers lead a simple life. They engage their children in household activities or farming just to have helping hands. However, people in the city are not as cordial as those living in the villages.

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They cannot even express their feelings or opinions about anything. I could feel the cool breeze of the morning as I walked along the road. It is in Ilam District.

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This is of utmost importance as only when the adults are educated they would understand the importance of education and educate their children. The male members are mostly involved in farming and other agricultural activities. Schools and hospitals in the villages lack good staff as well as facilities. Cons of Village Life Abstract essay template are the cons of village life: The culture and traditions followed in Indian villages differs from state to state.

Creative writing place description library has also been set up.

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Even those that have hospitals do not have good nursing staff. However, the majority of Muslims earn their daily bread through service delivery. Pros of Village Life Here is a look at the pros of village life: I premature babies essay for the village essay in english walk in the village in the morning.

We are enjoying a comfortable life in the cities and have access to essay bank free that makes our life convenient.

All in all, life in a village is slow yet peaceful. But the influence of modern civilization has vitiated it nowadays. Premature babies essay evenings in a village are quite enjoyable. One of my friends lives in a village. Poor Infrastructure The infrastructure in villages is not good. Every state in India encompasses hundreds of villages.

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