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In the next 10 years, I could see myself in strategic level of management position or become my own boss as an entrepreneur while having my own business organisation. The business world is an environment which is full of opportunities in a vast array of sectors in which one can specialize and has global implications that are constantly changing, and therefore may leave a business leader feeling lost without a formulated plan of action Academically I believe that I have a solid foundation from a young age, which I can build upon with this masters programme. It was with my local club where I trained with and played against professionals, some of whom perform at an international level. My father runs a business and the assumption has long been that I shall take over the running at an appropriate time, and even as a child I was attracted by the idea of being the great decision-maker in a company.

Why do you want to study a Masters and how will it benefit you? I enjoy success and thrive on challenges, and I am always keen to find new ways to solve problems. The economic backbone of contemporary world is backed by business and creative management that can administer and conducts operations with strategic action in different functions.

The unit will not only provide me executive management tools but also develop me as a strategic leader. I found myself questioning the cognitive functions and human behaviours I had previously just accepted, desperate to understand how the unseen and personal statement gsd small entities within the brain could impact our daily behaviour.

Since my academic interests and career visions evolve in the area, I have made decision to study the MSc International Business Management programme with 6 month internship to implement my plans.

I have undertook and completed my first degree in two years as opposed to the normal three or four year programmes. I believe that in any line of work, the key to a business is how well that business is managed from a personal development perspective.

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Since a young age I have attended private school and sixth form college, and I am presently studying at a recognised management school. The sales and marketing strategies used are also specific to the country's social needs; I saw this last summer when I was fortunate enough to work-shadow a senior sales manager at da Land in the Philippines. These would equip me with ability for statistical data analysis for business and finance and I will be in position to make informed decision and recommend alternatives within a business environment.

Against such a larger background, the physical and geographical concept of the nationality of an enterprise has been virtually eliminated.

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Quick Tips Don't use your statement to university of otago thesis us what we already know. From this unit I will gain understanding in the introduction to managing people, groups and group processes, leadership, power and influence, organisational structure, communication, national and organisational Culture and leadership, creativity, innovation, learning and knowledge management, motivation and job satisfaction, individual processes and individual differences, staffing and developing the organisation, international perspectives and managing diversity.

Not only do we read it carefully, we also think about what you say and how you say it. This was a point where I had to grow up and mature very quickly as I was playing with serious cricketers at a high level. This is vital.

International Business (Management) Personal Statement

I recently finished a book called Digital Fortress written by Dan Brown who is a very accomplished writer and is the author of the world famous Da Thesis topic medical technology Code which is my current read. Think about: I was often handed the responsibility of captain or vice-captain in the team and was an established opening batsmen, so I was never short of any pressure on my shoulders.

Incorrect grammar, spelling or punctuation can make it difficult for us to read and understand what you are trying to say. How do you stand out from the crowd - e.

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How to implement cross-population and trans-cultural management system and comprehensively elevate international competitiveness is a challenging subject that enterprises in developing countries like China have to face.

For example details of your undergraduate degree will be evident from your transcripts. I will have gained knowledge and competencies in financial market, lending, borrowing, buying, selling of financial assets and how my decision as a manager will impact corporations. Those factors will be important for my working toward a more advanced degree program.

When harder times arrived, and competition increased with five other shops opening nearby, I took steps to increase our edge, liaising with the Shanghai HQ of the firm, developing new products and setting up a carryout service.

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  • I like working with other people, but I have natural powers of leadership which mean that I have no fear of taking responsibility for my own decisions.
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  • International perspective of organisational behaviour and development of human capital resources has been articulated in the Managing People unit of this MSc.

If you're applying for a subject that is in a different field to your undergraduate degree, tell us why you have decided to change your direction of study. It is something of a leap from my undergraduate course to a further degree in Business Management, but I believe that my first degree course has prepared me well for continuing study through the development of my logical thinking, my powers of innovation and my ability to manipulate ideas.

Sample Personal Statement for International Business Management

This sample Management Masters personal statement should act thesis topic medical technology an informative guide when looking for help to write your own personal statement. I prized this important opportunity as I discovered that it is the subject in which my true interest lies.

Instead, it should show us that you are the right person for Sussex by telling us why you want to study your course, and any extra information about your achievements to date. Employees of any company must be given pertinent direction, sound training, and proper feedback from their managers to be more productive in their defined job roles and responsibilities.

What you should say Here are the themes that you should consider when writing your personal statement.

MSc International Business Management

This made it clear to me how important project management and risk management is". I understand the importance of business responsibilities, and aspire to become part of an organisation that puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of their operations. Any single nation has the likelihood to exceed the boundaries of its domestic market, and its natural and human resources to realize an optimum allocation of resources on the international level.

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Through playing different roles, as a student of journalism and working as journalist and TV producer, I have developed an important academic foundation, effective management skills and interpersonal communication.

As a sophomore, I started my bi-degree program in business administration.

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My dynamic personality and good work ethic makes me suitable for a constantly evolving business world and in studying International Business I will gain the necessary skills to analyse and excel in these changing conditions. I had to organise flights, accommodation and travel around the city and I arranged meetings with all the students to brief them. I helped my advisor prepare his presentation and I also interviewed leading scholars and experts on MBA in our country.

Delivering presentations during two rounds of the Young Enterprise competition boosted my confidence in public speaking.

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By liaising with manufacturers and suppliers, I learned how to conduct business transactions effectively as carrying out smooth transactions encourages repeat-business in the long run. It would be an unique selling points in my CV and give me competitive advantage in getting jobs. That's why I spent my gap year working with the Alzheimer's Society, supporting patients and families by visiting them at home and holding surgeries to give sufferers and carers someone to talk to.

How to make your essay longer periods case study of a slaves personal story dissertation by abiy ahmed.

WMG do not offer general "management" or "business" courses, international management postgraduate personal statement be specific: The University of Bedfordshire support the learning by stimulating contact time that includes lectures, workshops, seminars and case studies. From my detailed research on the course and modules, I have gathered clear idea about the learning areas and outcomes I will gain from the study.

With this and other group activities I have always assumed the role of team leader international management postgraduate personal statement I have always had the respect and trust of my peers, and I have how to write results in master thesis much enjoyed being in a position of responsibility.

Situated in London where one can witness distinctive cultural parallelism, it will not only teach me the most updated professional knowledge but also ample sociological understanding of its cultural diversity. In the concurrent age of digital business, studying Digital Business Management module would provide sharp edge in my accomplishments. General statements such as "I want a better job" or "I enjoy studying" are not sufficient and will count against you.

I interned at a local newspaper office and at XX Provincial TV Station, thesis topic medical technology a provincial-level award for my journalistic reporting. The module will provide me with distinctive management attributes including culture shock — successful adaptation and time management, persuasive writing, social media and networking, working in groups and teams, barriers to communication and making communication work, meeting styles, self-presentation and impression management, work relationships and managing across cultures, working with case studies, integrating different approaches, brokering diversity, putting it together, group presentations including group report.

Don't just say "I worked for two months at Company X"; explain its international management postgraduate personal statement I like working with other people, but I have natural powers of leadership which mean that I have no fear of taking responsibility for my own decisions.

In this program, I have systematically studied all the relevant management courses including Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Market Planning. I am eager to explore the ways that social behaviour and attitudes have an influence on business methods, and to learn to be aware of cultural diversity and what this means for demand and marketing.

Management Masters Personal Statement

While applying to universities, write your own personal statement statement of purpose according to your profile for the course you are applying. Print your statement and read it with a pen in hand. Your reasons for choosing the specific course. I still train with my local club and assist in the coaching of the youth squads.

Learning from the intellectually designed, Financial Analysis module will help me to become a more effective and enterprising manager in a knowledge-based global economy.

One such goal is to manage people effectively and efficiently. Away from school, I played cricket for local club.

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Living in the Philippines, Northern Ireland personal statement gsd England fuelled my passion for other cultures and languages. This module has been crafted with cogs that move business organisations forward and help sustaining growth.

  • It was not just the monetary gain which excited me but also the prestige it gave me on campus and the admiration I earned from everyone.

One of the reasons how do i write an essay fast I want to move to a further degree is that I have enjoyed the whole learning aspect of my current degree, it has write cover letter for scholarship me see that learning is a never ending activity. Both factors contributed to my interest in the business sector and becoming the Marketing Director of a Young Enterprise company cemented my decision in studying International Business at university.

My academic performance in this program is equally satisfactory. I am capable of working as part of a team as I have developed the initiative and ability to follow instructions and have the capacity of working with others. I need to discover more about international financial markets and banking practices in different parts of the world.

I am hard-working and my work record has shown that I am very focused on my goals. I taught myself how to play the ukulele and during sixth form I joined a ukulele orchestra.

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Based on those experiences, I will continue contributing my extracurricular talents. Be concise and straight-forward in your writing. I realise that I have much to learn and that success is very dependent on gaining this sort of knowledge, but I believe that this will be the path to my own personal and professional fulfilment as well as to business success.

What academic skills you have developed and how they relate to the MSc course you have chosen. Academic Why you want to undertake postgraduate study.

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Avoid vague statements such as "I have always wanted to go to your University because I have a passion for study". To cultivate management career at the top, the MSc offers The Personal Brand unit that covers career personal statement gsd, barriers to communication and making communication work, evaluating social media and networking, using persuasive strategies, communicating across cultures, self-promotion and impression management, constructive alignment, work environments and interactions, international relations, working in international teams, managing career.

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You need to: Your personal statement should: If you are applying for the MSc in Management for Business Excellence the advice on this page does not apply to you. Presentation Use full sentences, starting with a capital letter and finishing with a full-stop.

How do regional differences make an impact on the relationship between employer and employee? Use paragraphs — your statement should read like any other piece of written work, that is, it should have an introduction the beginningbody the middleand conclusion the end. As a discipline western in origin, management science is undoubtedly a field of study whose teaching and research western universities are most good at.

Structure Use a tight structure in your personal statement and make sure each paragraph logically follows on from international management postgraduate personal statement one before. My four-year undergraduate program in Broadcast and Television Journalism at the Department of Journalism and Information Communication of XX University of Science and Technology has enabled me to acquire an open mentality, acute insights and rich practical experience.

The business world is an environment which is full of opportunities in a vast array of sectors in which one can specialize and has global implications that are constantly changing, and therefore may leave a business leader feeling lost without a formulated plan of action Academically I believe that I have a solid foundation from a young age, which I can build upon with this masters programme.

Contact us. One of the most important modules of this MSc is Corporate Finance. It should show your willngness to learn and persuade us you have what it takes to suceed on one of international management postgraduate personal statement courses.

This summer I became the youngest finalist, out of one hundred and fifty applicants, to become a student event brand ambassador for Superdry.