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Posted by. Her eyes are black and round, filled with love. My World of Dreams I have my own safe haven where I feel comfort, peace and tranquility. Writing is used in a wide variety of different subjects. Of course, on a car, good tires are essential.

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When I am lonely, it accompanies me wherever I go. Waking down the uneven cobblestone streets lined with old historic looking buildings and unexplored alleys was my personal dream.

Some people have gone insane getting stuck in their imagination. I have seen in the newspapers and television and I hear my elders speaking of the happenings in the world today.

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One might think that the American dream is an apartment in downtown Los Essay my dream world, but others might want the smell of fresh cut grass in a small suburb. Her smile shines like the sun at sunrise. So dream high and try getting your dreams come true coz the fulfillment of a dream is a great feeling and is indeed a great success to have our dreams turn to reality.

We all have our own little worlds where we imagine that everything is perfect and happy.

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The dog remained calm. Creative writing is used in novels, poems, epics, short stories, screenplays, songs, television scripts, etc. This is the time where I sit on my thinking chair to understand and contemplate what solutions must be chosen and decided upon to keep me funniest essay intro from harm. What caused this to happen?

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The breeze is flirting with my mother's short gray hair, and with my long, black waterfall. Any type of story would do, scary or friendly, as long as I could picture what was happening. Sometimes I envy those drivers who have their own car. My mother's essay my dream world supports me when I am in need and keeps me perpetually moving forward.

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I yelled. Her lips are thick with a sparkle of pink;… Technical Writing And Creative Writing Words 6 Pages Many people are unaware that there are many different types of writing.

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But this feeling is temporary. The World of My Dreams Introduction Life is full of ups and downs, challenges, victories, issues, dilemmas that one has to overcome and outdo.

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As we can see in the play, all of the main characters might be striving for an American dream, but none of them are striving for their same American dream. My hopes and aspirations are all seen in this dream world and at times could be applied in the real world.

I envision a place where my family and I are united and always safe where no evil could attack us and destroy our solid relationship. Now it was standing on my waist… Creative Writing: To guide the engine, my car has an excellent testosterone research paper wheel in the form of my mother's mouth.

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Facebook 0. This is when dreaming becomes dangerous and unhealthy to both the mental and physical state. I have a dream world where there is no violence, no hatred, no greed, but just peace, love and harmony. There is nothing wrong with dreaming provided that such dreams will benefit our emotional and mental well being.

My World of Dreams I have my own safe haven where I feel comfort, peace and tranquility.

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My aunt came over. I now realize that I have a car not only in my dream, but in reality. It goes without saying I never really had a home and I did not feel as if I were leaving my home. A world where mankind helps each other and is not jealous of each other, where people are not application letter accountant tagalog based on their caste and creed, where there is no difference between the rich and poor, but rather considered as equals.

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Do homework meaning car is the best car in the world. Birds are joyously flittering around the car, singing.

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On the other hand, others are eternally envious of me because I have the best car in the world. They were bearing the crest of our lord. I hated books with pictures because it took away from my imagination. Flowers in splendorous full bloom decorate the landscape.

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Shade can be expressed in different countries, cultures and languages, but it all comes down to the love of it. I dream of a world where there is no hatred and violence. The dog was walking on my chest, while I was lying on something soft. When I am wrong, it gently sets me right.

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It is an imaginary world full of hopes and promises because we all know that the reality of life brings us otherwise. The ability to see a hope and a future in the imagination also stems out into the way my mind works and how I apply my passion through determination and a never ending faith that things will get better.

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