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The first step to solving this problem is to respect the ocean by deciding not to harm it with human mistake. This issue invites contributions addressing all forms of artistic practices articulated through academic or creative works. So, the marine creatures are indeed being harmfully affected by this pollution. When an edible fish is harmed, it is then passed up the food chain to the humans. Not only does our population toss these solid wastes into the water, but the ocean also deals with the debris from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires.

The intertidal zones in the ocean are also extremely sensitive, so creatures in this area are harmfully affected by the spills.

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Palmer and M. Oil is another serious and potentially deadly source of ocean pollution. The issue examines how conceptions of waste and its recycling enlightens discourses on Indigenous sovereignty, and in turn, explores how the notion of sovereignty — as understood, lived, and defined by Matrix essay questions peoples — informs and influences artistic practices that respond to contemporary environmental challenges.

The human may eat this fish and thus have toxins in his or her body, and this harm could be as minor as a stomach bug or as major as a deadly poison.

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Because of these dirty waters, the living resources in the water are deeply business plan per ristorazione. One orca washed up dead near the United States border three years ago. Literature Cited Dietsch, Robert W. Water is used in household necessities such as plumbing, bathing, dishwashing, and laundry. The list goes on with reasons why this world needs water, but every day all of these people subconsciously pollute the water, which they are so dependent on.

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Records show that million meters cubed of liquid and solid wastes have been dumped into the ocean in the past 85 years. How do artists speak about the journey of waste — for example due to marine currents, rivers or human actions?

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Now that we know about all the pollution in the ocean, we question the effect it has on living species. Some of the greater sources respectively include down the drain, up in smoke, business plan per ristorazione seeps, big spills, and offshore drilling.

This is a necessary area of research, and if anyone can find the solution to this problem then they may help in fighting many of the globally environmental issues of today.

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The whole reason the government allowed these dump sites to exist in the first place was because of an incident in New York City. This meant that it did not accumulate with the other solid wastes what should be covered in a cover letter the seafloor, and thus affected the marine life throughout all of the waters Palmer This issue invites contributions addressing all forms of artistic practices in the tropics of the Pacific, Northern Australia, Indian Ocean Islands, tropical Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, or the deep south of America.

Migratory waterfowl and native seabirds have been killed because of drill leaks in the Baltic and Caspian Seas, proving that the issue is not only a national but also an international dilemma Dietsch.

Leach, Susan Llewelyn.

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Greenhaven Press, Inc. The evidence of the increase can be seen by the high coliform levels in coastal waters, increased organic content in the sediments, reports of significant levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum residues, and heavy metals in ocean waters, sediments, and organisms Sindermann 1.

Not only does our population toss these solid wastes into the water, but the ocean also deals with the debris from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires. In this paper, I will discuss several of the ways in which the ocean is polluted, how this pollution affects our society and living resources, and finally some potential solutions to help prevent the excess pollution.

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The toxins in the blooms affect humans simply through skin and aerosol contact, causing health problems like nausea, respiratory failure, memory loss, and even fatality Knowlton. Willard, and Ruby M.

This is clearly laziness by humans, and little do they understand that this one soda can is harming a large amount of the sea life. David L.

This issue invites contributions addressing all forms of artistic practices articulated through academic or creative works. Large oil spills can do damage to all kinds of marine life, most particularly coral reefs and mangroves, which are the most sensitive to oil.

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This floating oil suffocates hundreds of birds, gulls, pelicans, and ducks. Is waste perceived as a negative effect of consumerism in society or taken as potentially interesting material that can be valued like any local natural resource?

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One of the main ways that it affects humans is through seafood, which makes it a direct correlation to the effect of pollution on sea life. What they also do not realize is that they are killing the marine world, one toxin at a time Ocean Dumping Another example of these harmed living species are the orca whales, also known as the killer whales. Instead, the amount of marine pollution has been increasing in the last thirty years.

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In ter ventions, Recycling, Sovereignty' Submission deadline: CRC Press, Inc. It is constantly being spilled into the sea in a variety of ways. Bender, Bruno Leone, and Carol Wekesser.

Ethically it seems to be the best and most necessary solution Leach.

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A Canadian deep-sea explorer was diving in the Arctic Ocean and found a soda can forty feet below the ice nestled in a kelp plant. There is much evidence that although people have been well informed of the polluted ocean waters, the pollution has not slowed down.

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Boca Raton: Since the late s, impacts by humanity on the environment, particularly the degradation of air, water, and soil, have received widespread public attention and levels of funding to perform scientific studies. So, the marine creative writing a level tips are indeed being harmfully affected by this pollution.

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San Diego: Harold D. David L. Water Quality and Availability.

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Miller, E. One of the main causes of the polluted marines is the wastes and toxins that get thrown into the ocean. Treatment, perception, recycling, and transformation of materials We are interested in the artistic approaches deployed in or around spaces faced with different kinds of pollution and waste.

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Being that there are only 80 of these whales left in existence, oil dumps into their living spaces will not help them to survive Threats to Whales. As the human population and industries in the coastal zones expand, the pollution expands as well.

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Academic Search Premier. Also, ocean dumping increases annually, as well as the ocean outfalls. We also welcome contributions on the responses given by Indigenous artists to situations in which the concerns and actions of environmentalists go against the expression and claims of Indigenous sovereignty.

This only shows that not only do people need to be aware of the issue of ocean pollution, but they need to act on it as well. Ocean Dumping and Marine Pollution.