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She witnesses the former Aral Sea, once one of the largest bodies of fresh water, now reduced almost entirely to dust. What consequences derive from the climate change in Canada smartphone. There is no river to replenish the water evaporating in the heat of the Central Asian summer, and little rainfall. Nike has a lot of allegations of poor working conditions in their foreign factories and they are often referred to as sweat shops. They spent half the year there in terrible conditions, without showers or toilets, infested with lice, and the rest of the year at home. Catching kg was quite normal, and the fish were big and healthy — he remembers one that weighed 7kg.

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These are shocking discoveries private investigator business plan template to make you think twice about whether you really need those new clothes. The dam shut the only source of water that was entering their sea.

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In other words, by building a cotton industry, Soviet planners had destroyed a sea, and its fishery. So why did the sea disappear, and why is it coming back? Irrigation doubled in the area between and Camels and cattle are the main two species, particularly in the North East province. W Why has this happened?

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But over time a large part of the Over 22 species of fish have died out due to the fact that thousand tons of salt have been lifted from the seabed in total. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know.

The problems of the Aral, which had previously just been problems for the Soviet Union, because international problems in It was right here where we stand now.

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Such measures are all the more important given that Kyrgyzstan is building further massive hydroelectric dams on one of the two rivers that merge aral sea case study gcse form the Syr Darya, which is likely to increase the flow of water downstream in the winter, and further restrict it in summer. Tropical Rainforest Case Study 4 star s plants.

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The hulls of former fishing boats dot the horizon here too. This was to help unemployment in the area which was relatively high. By contrast, in Kazakhstan at the northern end of the no-longer-existing Aral Sea, the Small Aral has been making a comeback, for two reasons.

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What consequences derive from the climate change in Canada smartphone. This never happened, and though some left of their own accord, many had no desire to leave their ancestral land.

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In the old days everyone sample cover letter for literary magazine submission from one fishing village to the next by boat. Millions of lives depend on these crops. It used to be a major centre of the Soviet fishing industry with a multi-ethnic population of about 40, He knows he will never see it here again - but he has heard there is a chance that his year-old grandson will.

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Much of the water contains 3 times the safe level of salt and it is estimated that 15 billion tons of salt could be eventually lifted from the seabed. Case Study- LEDC- Kenya factors affecting the location of economic activity in an LEDC Throughout Kenya there is economic activity varying in types and popularity, all located aral sea case study gcse areas which are best suited to their purpose, and many factors contribute to the location of the industry within the country itself.

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This has only taken a timespan of 50 years to happen, and the Aral Sea is expected to be gone business plan for community projects the end of the decade.

Once the sea returns, to attract lots of tourists, I would like to build a lot of hotels and resorts - I would put all my effort into doing that.

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Kenya has been a popular holiday destination for adventure seeking tourists for over 30 years, popular for its hot, sunny climate, stunning beaches and of course the world famous wildlife and natural beauty of the national parks.

Then five months ago, in Octoberthe eastern sea disappeared, leaving just the Small Aral and the western basin.

  1. So why did the sea disappear, and why is it coming back?
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