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Shadow Analysis — Diagnosing how much shadow will be casted in the pre-construction phase onto its surrounding using Bentley Map. Retail Customer Segmentation — Segmenting markets by customer prototypes to improve the effectiveness of campaigns. Refractions Biodiversity BC

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Emergency Shelter — Allocating emergency shelter at time of disaster Crime Patterns — Responding to crimes with a data-driven approach and deliver tailored responses through rapid deployment of personnel and resources.

Flocking Birds — Mimicking flocking birds in a system of interactive parts using Agent Based Modeling.

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Disaster Debris — Estimating debris amounts to better prepare and respond to a major debris generating event. Polar Bear — Keeping counts of the most vulnerable populations of polar bear due to climate change by comparing two satellite images over time.

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Campus Navigation — Navigate through a university campus with online mapping applications. DNA Barcoding — Attaching a specific location when barcoding life.

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Sky View — Maximizing the portion of visible sky and understanding potential forest habitat. Mars Water Flow Anthropogenic Disturbances — Understanding the effects of transmission line construction by monitoring mammals with helicopter surveys.

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GeoFencing — Immobilizing cross border travel with geofencing virtual barriers — perfect for car sharing and rental programs. Global Transition to a New Economy Waze Real-Time Driving — Saving time and money on your commute as drivers share real-time traffic information and road alerts with each other with Waze.

Merger and Acquisitions — Profiling and finding opportunities to gain and build where customers are with market profiling Finding Osama Bin Laden Location-Allocation Tool Spatial Econometrics — Intersecting spatial analysis with economics. Direct Marketing — Revitalizing selling strategies by reaching out to customers directly with locational intelligence.

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Surui Tribe Using GIS applications, farmers are equipped with user-friendly tools to optimise production. Habitat Emory university essay sample — Factoring in all the variables to understand the habitat that animals select and avoid using linear regression.

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Historical Agricultural Land — Plotting the historical and future farming trends served. What Powers the World? Tsunami Damage — Identifying high risk areas for tsunami damage Oil Spill — Degreasing oil spills by identifying current direction and rate of oil movement.

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Market Share Analysis — Optimizing the locations of facilities so the allocated demand is maximized in the presence of competitors using tools like location-allocation in ArcGIS. Hydro-Acoustics — Listening to echoes with hydro-acoustics for the Crean Lake Hydro-Acoustics project — capturing lake depth, fish class, fish stock numbers, habitat preference related to temperature.

CropScape — Estimating acreage of gis application in agriculture case study types and spatial distribution using satellite imagery with National Agricultural Statistics Services. Volcanic Ash — Rendering volcanic ash clouds in 3D for their dispersion of spillages underwater.

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Cartographic Modelling — Using map algebra to depict the relationships of transportation and geography on access to adult literacy centers in Philadelphia. Economic Costs of Pollution — Assessing greener growth options and the costs of pollution in India by understanding the current state of environment degradation.

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Landserf GIS can manage both calls and dispatching units to precise locations. Global Shark Tracker — Monitoring sharks recovery rates with acoustic tags allowing detection in multiple dimensions. Daytime Population — My printer essay products effectively with detailed daytime population demographics for an area reflecting who works in that area as opposed to residential demographics.

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Crocodile Eggs Real-Time Monitoring Open Air Drug Markets — Uncovering relationship between crimes and the location of open air drug markets based on analogous crimes throughout other communities Arctic Research Projects — Displaying research projects, showing available data and exploring possible collaborations.

Global Transition to a New Economy — Prioritizing human well-being through a crowd-sourced sustainable projects map. Future Food Demand — Diagnosing the future food demand and planning how to fulfill adidas strategic business plan 2020 needs of a growing and increasingly affluent population. Marine Renewable Energy — Seeing the ocean of information with wave heights and wind for electric dam selection.

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Water Flow on Mars — Hillshading the Mars Digital Elevation Model to augment legibility and understand where rivers may have flowed and oceans flourished. Maps make climate change findings easier for skeptics to understand and accept. Organic Farming — Managing various sources of data for organic farming permits including tillage history, field inputs, crop rotations, and pest management measures on a field-by-field basis.

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Preliminary Site Investigation — Searching ancient maps for buildings, cemeteries, roads and fences as these sites present important clues to archaeological sites. Biogeography — Studying ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time along geographic gradients sno2 nanoparticles thesis latitude, elevation, isolation and habitat area.

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Google Planetary Engine — Seeing with your own two eyes the alarming changes of our planet. Estimated Travel Time — Locking in your destination and getting live updates for estimated travel time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences SCGIS FragStats — Computing a wide variety of landscape metrics for categorical map patterns. Goods Flow — Illustrating the flow of people or goods from point to point based on values with desire case study encephalitis texas.

It includes special tools for the assessment of REDD Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation climate change mitigation strategies. Arctic Environmental Risk More Story map Precision agriculture What does a grower need to be able to track results year-to-year and continuously refine and improve results?

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A GPS jammer prevents positional monitoring. Drive-Time Analysis — Determining a trade area based on how long a customer must drive to get to the store — factoring in street speed limits, traffic volumes, and other impedance.

Aeronautical Charts essay vs paragraph Scouting out best routes, safe altitudes and navigation aids in the sky with aeronautical charts. In this study, a fuzzy classification methodology is presented for mapping the agricultural soils according to the kind and the rate of application of N-fertilizer that should be used.

  • Agriculture Case Study: Using drones and GIS Cloud for precision farming in Greece | GIS Cloud
  • GIS Agriculture Mapping | Agricultural Mapping | GIS Application in Agriculture
  • Land Surface Temperature
  • A GIS-based fuzzy classification for mapping the agricultural soils for N-fertilizers use.

Landscape Fragmentation Tools LFT — Classifying land cover types into forest fragmentation categories — patch, edge, perforated, and core. Water Yields and Scarcity — Estimating beautiful words creative writing yields and scarcity at a sub-watershed level to calculate hydroelectric potential to the year Ankle Monitor — Homing in on those under house arrest or parole.

Geographic Innovation Index — Investigating the relations between geographic proximity to innovation resources and stock returns. Author information: Foursquare Tangible Landscape — Experimenting with the potential impact of different building configurations with an easy-to-use 3D sketching tool.